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stomach cancer with secondary liver cancer

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My dad has recently been told he has stomach cancer about 3 weeks ago. The doctors told us that if his cancer has spread to his liver that they have no cure. We waited another 2 weeks to find out that his has a few sopts in his liver. The doctors have said they cannot operate as the chances are he won't come back out of hospital. The only hope now is chemo which he is due to start in the next few weeks. He has lost lots of weight and feels full all the time so he has no desire to eat. Is there anyone out there with a similar story who could give us some advice?

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My husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had surgery on Feb. 2, 2004. We thought it was successful, but this past Aug. it showed up in his liver. He underwent an RFA(radiofrequency Ablation) which seemed to work and the Pet and Ct scans showed him cancer free. This past Dec. however, it showed up again in his liver and also in the abdominal cavity. WE ;understand your pain. This is a brutal cancer. WE lost my brother in law(no relation to my husband) last April from esophageal cancer. Currently my husband is undergoing chemo with Taxotere and 5FU. He just completed one round and will have the second on Feb. 22. We are praying it sends it into remission. I hope your Dad is getting some treatment. We have also had cisplatin and camtosaur(spelling ?). It is painful to watch them suffer so. My heart goes out to you.

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Hi, my name is Paul, 39, from Hockessin, Delaware. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer (a tumor half the size of my stomach) in June 2003. I went to the University of Texas' M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. It is the number 1 cancer research and treatment centers in the nation and the world. I underwent 6 months of chemo (carboplatin, taxol and 5-fu) from Sept. 2003 to February 2004. By April 2004, the tumor was gone and the cancer that had spread to the liver, transverse colon, diaphragm and abdominal wall is all gone. I was on a J-tube feeding tube from August 2003 to December 2003 but was taken out when I attained a regular weight of 140 pounds. I do exactly what the oncology department told me. I drink green tea, eat brocolli, tomatoes, cran-grape juice and almonds every day.

My wife and I can not say enough about M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. There is an oncology department for each organ in the body and a floor for each organ. The center is made up of 12 hospitals, I believe, from cancer treatments for infants to the elderly and even a veterns hospital. Our e-mail is rescue26@msn.com if you want to contact or call us.

Our only other option was Sloan-Kettering in NYC.

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Happy to hear you are OK. I am in a similar position. What type of histology did your cancer have
Regards, David

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So sorry to hear about your dad..my dad also has stomach cancer which has spread to his bowl plus nodules on his liver. The most heartbreaking thing is by the time my dad realised he was ill it was already too late. Day by day i am watching my dad drift away. I truely hope that chemo proves effective for your dad.

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I have been battling stomach cancer for a year now, I tried every thing possible, radiation Therapy, surgery, and finally Chemo started to work, but then stopped recently. I went In for a CT scan on (12/28/10) and they found that it had spread to my liver. They told me i will have up to 5 years left if i cant get a transplant. They said they will not operate on it because the survival chances are slim. I am only 25 and i have a 2 year old daughter. I am a salon manager and am about to open my own. I do not want all this to go down the drain because of a tumor.

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My husband is currnetly battling stomach cancer that spread to his liver. Last scan showed the chemo not working- it spread to abdomen and a few spots on bone. We switched to taxol and avastin which is working great right now. We shall see when we have our next scan in March. My husband is only 38 and we have a 4 year old daughter. I feel your pain and know exactly what you are going through. We will beat this ugly beast.

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I pray he is still doing well. 

My dad was recently diagnosed so understand what you were going through. 


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