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aml treatment and a respirator

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My brother's 23 year old girlfriend was diagnosed with AML about 1 1/2 weeks ago. The diagnosis came completely out of the blue, and has shocked everyone involved. Jess is normally such a happy, bubbly talkative girl, and to see her going through all this is crazy. She has had her induction chemo, and in the process of all that, was put on a respirator, and put into a medically induced coma. It's very scary, and I am not sure I get all the information that I want to get. She has been receiving platelet transfusions, and last night had a WBC transfusion. She seems to be holding her own, and we can't ask for much more. I am looking for any additional information anyone can give me, especially about the respirator and the coma. I think that scares me more that anything else.

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I'm so sorry to hear about the diagnosis of your brother's girlfriend. The diagnosis is always so shocking. Are you sure she's getting WBC transfusions, not a blood transfusion or white blood cell growth factors? I've never heard of a WBC transfusion being done. I wasn't put into a medically induced coma, and the only other time I've heard of it being done is in a post a little lower on the board. I really encourage you to ask her doctor about this since he can give you the best information and allay some of your fears. It's really important to have open lines of communication with the doctor. Every question should be asked, every doubt expressed, and if it isn't explained clearly ask again. Knowledge is power in fighting this horrible disease. My thoughts are with you all.

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Very sorry to hear about your friend. My son has AML and had a bone marrow transplant in Sept. In November he was put on a respirator and they induced coma. He was in the coma for about 3 weeks and then came out. He has a long road to recover and does not remember on minute of it. Your friend can survive. Just keep talking to her and tell her family to keep moving her muscles and do lots of PT for her. God Bless!

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Hi there.. My name is Tamra. My mother also had a transplant & was clear of any cancer. 4 months later, they told her it was back. She started having a hard time breathing after 2 rounds of chemo back to back & was rushed to I.C.U., placed on life support, and has been like in a medically induced coma every since.. In the meantime, they quit giving her the nupegen shots that help boost her WBC. They said it was making more bad lukemic cells.. So, it's like, they are not even giving her anything to help fight... This makes no sense to me... So, they have given us no hope, but yet 8 weeks ago, she was living well... Now, how does things change so suddenly?

Any advise would be very helpful from anyone who reads this.. Please e mail me at sd_baby_girl06@yahoo.com

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