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grandma047 Member Posts: 381
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Hi guys, Went to chemo doctor today and he decided to put me on FOLFOX4 instead of all 4 drugs. I don't know a lot about it, other that what they told me today. Can anyone tell me their experiences with it??? I also finally got some pain medicine, so maybe I'll finally get some rest. I have my port put in tomorrow and will start chemo on Thursday, if he can't get it scheduled sooner. He recommended that I not take time to get a second opinion. He painted a very bleak picture for me anyhow. He says they're not sure it's not already in my pelvic because the CT was not clear because of so much scarring and radiation damage. He wants a chest XRay tomorrow to rule out mets to lungs and he did a Blood culture on me today to rule out blood infection(don't know why he did this). I was also running a fever,so he called my surgeon to make sure they would still do the port tomorrow and they said yes. He said I am at a stage 3, or if it has spread elsewhere stage 4. I'm scared. Need some inspiring stories from stage 3 and 4 survivors. I want to be a survivor!!!!
Love, Judy


  • fedester
    fedester Member Posts: 753
    hey judy,
    looks like your dr has a plan. and yes judy you are a survivor already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    don't forget that. hope all goes well with treatments. keep us in the loop.
    all the best
  • slammer
    slammer Member Posts: 120
    Hi, Man my thoughts are with you and yes I am om the FOLFOX treatment too. I am 43 w/ re-occurance colon ca, but stage 4. So far treatment is ok, depends on each of our ststus, ans like you said your fever. are you to have a port in upper chest or a PICC line like I have? That has been inserted into my arm up towards the heart and will stay for 6 months? I have diarrea alot and little nausea but it all seems to be what meds/ chemo he puts you on, Avstin is a good one for colon ca, and I think the other is oxypatillan(guessing) Good luck swetie and do rest please, you've been thru alot. God Bless!
  • Moesimo
    Moesimo Member Posts: 1,072
    Judy, I think you should start your treatment as your doc. suggests, but I would still get a second opinion. You have been through so much and should be getting the best treatment available. I would go to a major cancer center.
    Good luck and I will continue to pray for you.
  • Kanort
    Kanort Member Posts: 1,272
    Hi Judy,

    I'm sorry to learn of your recurrence. I received 12 treatments of Folfox 4 and did relatively well. The side effects for me were mainly fatigue, nausea, and low blood counts. I finished in July and will have CAT scans on Monday. It sounds like your doctor has a good plan, but I, too, would opt for another opinion.

    Take care,