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New lung diagnosis....

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I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in April of 2003. I had the radiation, chemo and then the surgery. Then I had more chemo and finmished that in March of last year. On my quarterly visit to the oncologist in November my chest xray showed three small spots, so I'm off to a CT scan. It showed the same three spots and then we were off for a PET scan. The three spots showed but not for malignancy at that time. The oncologist said we would monitor them and repeat everything in 60 days. Well, we repeated all the tests and my CEA count went way up and the spots have grown in size. Just in the past three months. So now my doctors are talking surgery to remove the spots(nodules, tumors)while they are still small. Then I'm going to do some more chemo. I am just really frustrated right now and very scared. The colon surgery was bad enogh but, now their talking a lung and that really freaks me a little.
Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. My family are very supportive but, it's not the same talking to them because they don't know how I really feel and haven't been there.

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Hi. Hang in there. I just finished Chemotherapy. I had Stage ll Lung Cancer. They removed the top lobe of my right lung. I understand your feelings. One thing that helped me the hole time is just saying in my head over and over that I was going to be one of the one's to beat it. And also, regardless of the diagnosis you do not leave this earth until God says that he is ready for you. Regardless of the diagnosis. Stay strong and keep positive. There are alot more treatments out now. Of course any surgery has risk. But it's not like 25 years ago when they had to make a large incision to get to a spot. They did my whole surgery through a 4 inch incision under my arm pit. Blessings to you and stay positive. Scotti

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Scotti: Would you be willing to share with me your experience with lung surgery? I am having the same type of surgery on May 31st and cannot get any information on the surgery, recuperation period, etc. Routine x-ray found 2.3 cm round nofule in lower lobe of right lung. Nodule was not there in 9/04. CAT scan was inconclusive. Drs. don't know whether it's cancer or not. You may e-mail me direct if you would like: MadelynTreasures@aol.com Thanks! Madelyn

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Hey Griff, Cancer freaks everyone! I am a 2 year + lung cancer survivor, had top lobe of right lung removed and was blessed not to need chemo or rads as I had found it way early. With you having had colon first, I understand why the chemo and all.. kill those nasty cells .. through it all find a focus, be it family or a sunny beach your zone of peace. And remember to laugh .. wishing you love, hope, hugs and prayers... Lana1103

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