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Very bad news today-PLEASE READ

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Joined: Feb 2004

Hi all, Judy here. Well, got the biopsy and CT Scans today and it's very bad. Doctor said it is in my pelvic area, goes all the way from my tailbone to vagina. Will have to have very strong chemo to reduce it before surgery and then he's not sure can get it all. I asked if this was going to kill me and he said it could. That it is very aggressive, which is unusual for the stage it was. So Cancer for the third time. He said the CT was hard to read because of all the scarring from my previous 5 surgeries from this cancer. I hope I'm not being selfish, but I probably won't be on for a while. I need time to regroup and a lot of decisions to be made. I love all of you and hope you continue to do well. Thanks for all the help you've given me and for all the prayers you've said. Please keep praying. I prayed all night last night and I guess they just don't reach Heaven anymore.
Love, Judy

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Joined: Jan 2005

First of all I'm sorry for your news. Keep praying, they do reach just not as fast as we would like I don't think. Stay strong and think positive. I know the first time some one told me that I was very angry, they had no clue. But I have one about this monster we're fighting and you have to be strong to beat it.
I hope God blesses and watches overyou. I will pray for you a little extra tonight as I do all those in our cases.

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Joined: Dec 2001

dear judy,

I am so sorry to hear you news. You have a lot to think about. So know that we will be thinking of YOU!

Your post made me so sad.....not just because the news is disturbing but because you think that your prayers are not getting to heaven. No prayer falls short. How God answers is often unexplainable since His ways are not our ways. But I truly hope you can rid yourself of that thought and know that He hears you.

More than anything I hope you find some comfort and healing.

As always you remain in my prayers.

peace, emily who will say it again: Consider buying a JUICER!!

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Joined: Oct 2003

I am sooo sorry for your news. You do what you have to do. Regroup, make those decisions, remember hope. Come back when you are ready. In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Joined: Mar 2004

Judy - I am so sorry to hear this. God hears your prayers. Never give up - because that is when we lose. Your in my thoughts

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Judy..look for my email sweetie. Don't you EVER go thinking you are selfish....I got told that just a few posts ago.
If you leave for a short time to regroup....know that we all will be with you in our thoughts. As tough as it may be Judy, you are one of our true fighters here and yet you still have the energy to post encouragement to others. Gather your thoughts babe....there is still much to do....but you won't be alone.
All our love and prayers, Ross and Jen

jsabol's picture
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Joined: Dec 2003

Hi Judy,
I read your post with a heavy heart. I don't know what I can say that can help. I will continue to pray that you have the strength to carry your burden.
I hope you feel God walking by your side for this part of your journey. the other Judy

Posts: 105
Joined: Apr 2004

We love you Judy, but more than us, God loves you. He hears you and like others have said, we dont understand how He answers, but He does answer and He will hold you through this. He has promised never to leave us...He holds you in His rightous right Hand and your name is carved in His palms...
Keep as positive as you can and keep your eyes on Him.

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004

Hi Judy. I haven't been around for a while, but I read your past posts. I am so sorry for what you are going thru. Cancer just plain out sucks.

You take all the time you need and do whatever you need to do to think this thru. That is alot to think about.

Please don't give up hope. Prayer is so powerful. I know that it has helped me tremendously. I know this may sound rediculous right now, but try and find peace in your soul. I'm not saying give in or give up, I just mean thatif you can find that peace, it may calm you , reassure you and guide you. Trust yourself. Trust GOD.

None of us know why we are plagued with this monster. Lessons? Probably. Although not always apparent, there is a greater meaning to all this.

Bless you, Judy. I pray for you. Be as strong as you can. Allow yourself to crumble when you need to. But, always get back up. No matter how hard. Get back up. Reach for the stars. Positive thoughts.

Wishing I could give you a great big hug.

Love ya, Barb

Posts: 758
Joined: Jul 2004

hi judy,
i am so sorry to hear of your news. you take all the time you need. the man upstairs hears all prayers but only he knows why things happen. keep the faith and don't give up ever!!!!!. we will all be here praying and pulling for you 24/7.
take time to make your decisions. god is always with us.

Posts: 186
Joined: Nov 2004

Ahhhh, Judy. I'm so sorry. You certainly have all our prayers and thoughts for your comfort and recovery. Like Kanga said, don't ever feel like you're being selfish...look at all the kind words you've shared with everyone else on this site. You've always been where we needed you. Now let us continue to be with you and help hold you up. God doesn't always show us his presence, but I strongly believe He is with us--ALWAYS.

My daughter's favorite story is about the person who knows Jesus is walking with him because he sees two sets of footprints in the sand. When he notices only one set, and questions those that are missing, Jesus responds: that was when I was carrying you. Let us help God to carry you, Judy. God is hearing you, Judy. Please, have faith.

Stand back from the edge and rest. Recharge and regroup. Share your concerns with us...let us share our comfort with you and hopefully take some of the burden off your shoulders. Just putting your fears and concerns out there for us may help you deal with them more effectively.

Take care, Judy. Keep in touch.


Posts: 708
Joined: May 2004

We remain here for you... keep us in your heart. Our prayers and thoughts will be flowing your way. Hang in there. I am so sorry you have to go through all this. You are such a strong and warm person. Allow others to help you! jana

Posts: 544
Joined: Jun 2004

I'm so sorry to hear your news. Stay strong and take it one step at a time and one day at a time. I'm sending positive energy your way. My thoughts are with you!

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