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Thank you for the out pouring response!

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Howdy, Man I wasn't on line for a few days and Wow, thanks for the replys and announcements of your concern & overwhelming response to me joining "The Group"! Ha. Yes I have been reading & have answered a few of your posts kinda on the sidelines so to speak but I do understand each of our own problems & medical B.S. because I to have my own. Since someone said share & all I will try to be brief. (like we can with surgeries & Ca.) I am a 43 almost 44 yr old chick who last Oct 03 had appendix type symtoms, lol and behold Drs. found orange size tumor on my colon and took my good appendix. Past the shock & all being ONLY 43 I did the 6^ months chemo stuff starting in Dec 03 ending in May 04. I actually faired pretty well during chemo, my most complaints were mouth sores,Diarrea extremly & nose bleeds weak nails , loss of appitite, the Basics but they didn't actually show up till last in treatment. So I go back to work in July Feeling Great! Drs say O.K. Iam thinking I am cancer free, well not so, by Sept my Overies blew up I mean enlarged and so by Oct 04 I am having a total Hystrerectomy and all.Thinking it is ovarian ca. so do Drs, turns out not to be just a re-occurance of the colon Ca. So I Changed oncologist just because I really didn't feel comfotable and as of Dec went to the cancer center in our town and have a new oncologist! I love it and the place I am at. It is part of U.C. Davis which is in my area and the ca. center is wonderful. so yes I am doing my 2nd bout of chemotherapy started in Dec.I am considered stage 4 because it came back so quick & is still there. I don't think it is i my colon just worried about L nodes & of course colon, or elsewhere. So Far chemo has been the diarrea & alittle tired. God I feel too young to have to go thur this all, but I have good support system except me I get worried. But I am upbeat & hey I have alot to live for, so I keep on going.
You all are so sweet and helpful I appriciate it all, No worries, God Bless & Take care
Did I say brief statement? Opps.....
Love Amy

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Ahoy, Amy -

Hopefully this bout of chemo will kill the dragon and you can live happily ever after.

People probably get tired of hearing me talk about this, but your symptoms sound as though you may have a genetic form of colon cancer called HNPCC (Hereditary Non-polyposis Colon Cancer); You were young when you got it, you have mets in your reproductive organs, was the colon cancer on the right (ascending) side?

My mom and I both have HNPCC. She is being treated (successfully) for bladder cancer - in adition to bladder cancer, the HNPCC has caused colon cancer and uterine cancer, all over the last 10 years or so. She's doing quite well despite being "Stage IV" (which means your original cancer, in her case colon, has migrated to another place in your body). So many people think Stage IV is a death sentence; not true at all. So many folks here are Stage IV and doing well. I'm not stage IV (yet), but with this genetic disease, I pay very close attention so if and when it does come back, I can nip the dragon in the bud and not let him establish a foothold.

You sound like you have an incredibly upbeat, positive attitude - that will serve you well. Glad you're here - know we're here for you.

- SpongeBob

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Joined: May 2004

Thanks Sponge Bob, Yes, I beleive that is excatly what I have! Nice to hear that someone else has it almost to the same symptoms, etc. But we are getting to it!And thank you for the info HNPCC. All I can do is fight and be strong. Enjoy the day

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Hey Amy,
I'm a rookie in the group and just kind of reading everyone's notes. I, too, am 43 and have had a tumor and some footage of my colon removed. It does seem odd at out age. I went through the chemo for six months before and after my surgery and now I have three spots that have appeared on my lungs. "You know", my doctor says,"we're probably looking at a malignancy". That I think is what torks me the worst is ......after all you have been through then they want to treat you like you're an idiot. I just wanted to say ,"Gee, ya think?" So on the 2nd of next month I go for anothr Ct of the lungs and we'll check the growth and proceed from there. THey have also told me Stage 4, because this has all happened in a years time.
Keep in touch.....

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

For what it's worth, I'm 41. Diagnosed at 37. Hey, Griff - have you considered changing docs? If your doc is making you feel that way, you don't need it. Remember, your doc is YOUR consultant, s/he works FOR you. I'd never talk down to MY boss, why should you accept that from your consultant?

- Sponge

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Hi again.... I was diagnosed at 32 years old. And I didn't have one single risk factor and no family history of anything! Yea, this beast sucks. It gets everyone.
Amy, you are so positive... keep it up. I think attitude makes such a difference!

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hi amy,
great to hear from you. sorry you are having a second bout with the dragon. it is great that you have a positive attitude. keep it up!!!!!. i was 46 when dx stage 11 no nodes. i will be finishing my chemo treatment this wed. had a ct last thursday and will get results on wed, hope all is clear. keep in touch with your adopted family.
all the best

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