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Biopsy today-CT tomorrow

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Joined: Feb 2004

Thanks for your prayers. I had the biopsy today and after the surgeon did it, he talked to me a little. He said he should have the biopsy on Tuesday and that he'd look at it Tuesday night and then for me to see him Wednesday in his office. We said we would then decide what course to take-chemo then removal of tumor throught rectum(said doesn't want to do any more abdominal surgeries on me) or removal of tumor and then chemo. Sounds like he's pretty sure it's malignant to me already. He then asked when my chemo doctor had my CT Scan scheduled for and I told him that he wanted to wait and see the results of the biopsy first and he said, "Oh, no, we need to get it done now." He said he would call me when he got it scheduled. His office called our cell phone before we even got half way home and said it is scheduled for tomorrow. I get scared when they do things this fast and just his whole conversation. I could tell he was upset. Well, now the wait. 6 days and counting. I guess a lot of prayers can be said in six days.
Love ya, Judy

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Hey Judy...You're right, the waiting is one of the worst parts of this ordeal. How'bout renting some good movies or reading this weekend to take your mind off things? Anything to keep you you busy. Nachos and beer used to help me pass the time, but I can't do that anymore...tryin' to do the "healthy thing" with my wife (I'm talking about good nutrition Sponger!!).

Take care Judy, and keep in touch over the weekend. We'll all be here.


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Joined: Dec 2004

lots and lots and lots of prayers!!!

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Joined: Jan 2004

Hi Judy,

Yes, the waiting is gruesome! You sound much better today. Many prayers will be said for you.

Thinking of you,


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My prayers are certainly with you...I think you sound a little better as things are moving along. By next week you will know what you are dealing with and that is always better than not knowing.

Love and hugs,


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Hi Judy,
I'm sorry for all you have to go through, but you sound stronger and more focused. Keep up the good work; sending many prayers your way.
the other Judy

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Our love and prayers always for you Judy...never stopped babe. I sent you an email today ....just to let you know we love you.
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Hi Judy,

I know what you mean--I feel anxious when things are scheduled quickly, too, but on the other hand, it seems good that you have a doctor who is energized about your health and wants to get all the information quickly. I liked the advice about reading and movies. We're all so greedy for more life--isn't what this whole thing is about?--so we have to just put our minds to enjoying what we do have, right here, right now. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about you with love and support.

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Joined: May 2004

Judy, yep... pretty overwhelming and fast. Sounds like you are in good and caring hands - which is so important. All of this simply sucks!!
Do your best to keep your spirits up. You have prayers coming from all around the world-so it should be a constant flow.
We are always here for you. jana

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