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tsk tsk!

kangatoo's picture
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Joined: Feb 2004

Yup, its little 'ol me. I should be doing high jumps n whoopee-ing because my tests all came back ok.
But then the sh----t hit the fan this morning and I rang our cancer crisis helpline--just to have someone to talk to.
Ungratefull bugger aren't I ?????????
I dunno, Jen's job situation is really getting to me and lately sleep has joined with fatigue and I totally lost tha plot.
I was about 2 inches away from getting on the phone and blasting her bosses--then I thought better of it and rang the help line. Kinda outa character for me.
Good thing I rang the help line 'cos blastng Jen's boss would not have solved anything--especially seeing it is a government department. I was so really upset and pissed orf!!!!
The young lady(oncology nurse) who spoke to me calmed me down and was great....nother angel. Sorry guys----maybe I should be thankfull instead of selfish.....I have told you all this 'cos you are my dearest friends.....I just worry about Jen's future if one day the demon gets me.
Selfish and unthinking.... I hope you all will understand..

kangatoo's picture
Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

I sat here n looked at my post and ...aww...bloody selfish, cept I can't wipe it off the board.
Sorry all.

Posts: 259
Joined: Nov 2004

Don't worry. We're all stressed out and often the idea of calling up someone and screaming sounds tempting. Congrats on your self-discipline. And on your test results. And isn't it great that so many oncology nurses are saints?

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Joined: Dec 2003

Hey Kanga, have you forgotten that you can vent here? You might even get some good advice..(?) Judging from your test results, Jen doesn't have anything to worry about.. Nanuk

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Joined: Aug 2003

Congratulations on the clear test results. That is fantastic. I realize Jenny's job situation is upsetting you, and that is real. However, in my experience, the cycle of preparing for check-up tests, going through the tests, waiting for results is even more stressful than we appreciate. I have had the experience -- more than once -- of getting the "all clear" -- and, instead of celebrating, taking to my bed in some sort of depression. Go figure. Again, I don't want to appear ungrateful or selfish. I am very aware of the many people on this board and elsewhere who have not had the blessing of clear test results. But I just want to say that I have experienced something not exactly similar but perhaps comparable. I'm so glad you had a crisis helpline to call.

aspaysia's picture
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I have the same reaction to an "all clear". I think, yeah for how long. And what if they missed something. Always looking into the future and the next round of tests wondering what lies ahead.
I worry about my family, too. I know how absolutely crazed I would be in their shoes.
Don't get ahead of yourself. Nobody knows what the future holds. Just enjoy today. That's what I tell myself anyway.

StacyGleaso's picture
Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003

Yes, in our eyes, you are "super-human," but in reality, you still are a human with feelings and emotions, ESPECIALLY when involving your wife. If you weren't that way, we would all think you were very shallow, and we all know better than that!

It's SO easy to get upset at employers! When I was diagnosed, I used my lunch hour to get my chemo. I always went back to work, and never thought twice about it. Only to find out my immediate supervisor was writing me up for missing that hour of work. So, instead of ranting and raving, I quit, and opened up my own business. Now I don't have to answer to that witch. I am a firm believer that one day, everyone gets what they have coming...whether it be reward or punishment.

Stand by Jen, but be careful. Don't let your love and devotion to her out-weigh common sense when calling an employer!

It'll be ok...failure is not an option, remember?!?!?


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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Kanga -

Was that onc nurse young and single? Can you give me that number??

- Desparate in Detroit

Lisa Rose's picture
Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

Congratulation's On The Great Test Results....


kangatoo's picture
Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Thanks guys...you are all wonderfull. I really had a bad day and was not thinking straight..but feel better now thanks to our crisis line nurses.
And NO Bob...it would be totally unethical for me to divulge her number....thought you were in Cuba???...lol!
Thank you Joy, Tara and Lisa...but I am still gunna watch my mouth.
Hey Bud. I here that you might be able to make the reunion??? I hope you are well enough to do so mate 'cos Sponger may have something special in his "stateroom" that may interest you.
luv to all of you, kanga n Jen

btw--do you guys have a "crisis line" in the states???????

spongebob's picture
Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003



Come On!! Unethical?

I thought you were my wing-man! What's up with this whole "It's unethical" drama?!?

Can't you see I'm in CRISIS? So why not hook a brother up? Surely you haven't been married THAT long that you've forgotten the "Unwritten Code of Cruising for Chicks While Wearing a Light Blue Polyester Liesure Suit and Italian Tusk Necklace"? Come ON!!

- SB (as in "Standing By" for that number...)

Posts: 238
Joined: Sep 2003

Dear Kanga,

Wanted to join the others and say that you are being too hard on yourself! There are so many stressors in your life... Being overwhelmed or frustrated is completely natural. And I have to agree with the others that testing does strange things to us. I know that regardless of what my tests say (good news or mixed news) I am completely exhausted for days after getting the results. It's certainly not easy. I do not envy anyone who has to play the waiting game.

Sending tons of hugs and love your way!

Kanort's picture
Posts: 1275
Joined: Jan 2004

Dear Kanga,

I'm so happy for that your test results were good.
Follow-up testing is a stressful time, and it seems like you have to wait even longer than we do here.

Things that are out of our control are always frustrating. You can vent here anytime!

We love you,


kangatoo's picture
Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Thank you Andrea and Kay-with all my heart. I took the nurses advice and this morning(11.10 am here) I got myself occupied. Went out and took it out on some weeds(none left now..lol!) Then I cleaned Jen's motor bike for her...she has a license test saturday to go on her full license(she is on learner plates at the moment).
I did the brekky dishes, got some chicken out to cook her a nice dinner. Then I went down the back yard and yelled at the back wall......he he!!...I feel better now!!!!
Sponger???........I wonder how many of the lovely young ladies on here are available????
My cruisin days were over when I met the lovely Jen.
Cruisin back 30 years ago was driving down the city main street with a surfboard on the roof of a "shag wagon" (panel van) with the stereo blasting "Smoke on the water". Gals(shielas) went for bleached, blonde long haired bronzed ozzies back then. Funny thing was we were nowhere near the sea!!!!.....lol!
luv kanga n Jen

Posts: 145
Joined: Mar 2004

hello kanga and jen. so glad to hear about your test results. ya know sometimes in this world things just pile up and even when we get great news like yours it does not mean all is well with other people in our lives that we care so much about. our emotions run high and i can testify to that. ya know this lady wrote in a journal that is open to patients on the cancer floor here at mayo and i never forgot this and she had an agressive form of breast cancer and the news looked grim and she wrote: the only thing worse than dying is living like you already are. kanga you are in my prayers. take care


taunya's picture
Posts: 392
Joined: Jul 2002

I am truly sorry for the bad stuff and wonderfully happy about your health. You got it all going on now boy! You are HEALTHY!!! WOOHOO-OO!! You can be bugged and bothered on here any 'ole time you want to. We all love you, but we don't want you callin' Jen's boss......hmmm......yep, that's a NO.

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