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update on pulmonary nodes

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Had biopsy of biggest pulmonary node. It is metastatis from rectal cancer. My oncologist feels IMRT is not an option because there are too many that are spread too far apart. I have at least 6 nodules...the biggest one 8.5 mm, the smallest two, too small to be measured. Not to mention the microscopic ones that haven't even shown up yet. For the same reason surgery is not an option either. He wants me on the IFL regime with avastin. Does this all make sense to those of you who have been through this? As many of you have said yourselves, my husband and i are devastated. We'll get through this, but it sure don't look like it's gonna be easy!

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Mary -

Sorry to hear you have more challenges ahead of you, but it sounds like you are keeping as good an attitude as one in your shoes can.

Have you considered a second opinion regarding surgery or chemo regime? If the officers on the battlefield aren't fighting aggressively enough, it's time to see about getting some new officers, General.

Try to keep your spirits up. Fight this thing with all you've got, Mary. We're here for you.

- SpongeBob

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If I were to pursue a second opinion can anyone recommend a good cancer center in the new england area. Dartmouth-hitchcock, yale, boston? Any thoughts on these or aothers will be greatly appreciated. I have to admit that what the oncologist sais to me made sense, but may consider 2nd opinion also. Thrown onto this mix is a 2 week vacation to St John (carribean, ot canada) that we planned a little less than 2 years ago. The idea was to celebrate the end of treatment. The vacation starts feb 18. The plan was to get one round of treatment in before we go. if i put off treatment to pursue 2nd opinion will i be putting myself at more risk? Oh!!!! this is all so hard and the hard part hasn't even started yet:-(
I realize these are questions that you may not be able to answer, but any thoughts are appreciated.

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I bet JudithS could suggest a couple of oncs in the Boston area. I could suggest a few good bars in St John... Trunk Bay is awesome - be sure to take a mask and snorkle. Not quite as "alive" as it used to be, but beautiful nonetheless. Also be sure to take the Bomba Charger and get over to Tortola and visit the little shops in town and, of course, you must visit the Pusser's Company Store - "Take Courage!"

Enjoy yourself and put this out of your mind while you bask in the warm Caribbean sun and healing waters of the sea.

Be well.

- SpongeBob

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Hi Mary,

I'm so sorry about the confirmation. Perhaps you were "expecting" it but I know knowing for sure is still devastating. Just know you will work through it and everyday will get better till it gets put to the backburner where horrible thoughts belong!

Six nodules... Hmm... My opinion (and I'm certainly not an oncologist) would be to try the chemo. IFL & Avastin are doing great things. Hopefully, you will be a complete responder and go into remission. I hope and will pray that the side effects are minimal. And, remember, metastatic cancer is scary BUT there is not much data on isolated pulmonary nodules. It is relatively rare and given your youth and otherwise good health... Well, you have a lot on going on your side. Keep us posted, we are here.

Big hugs and kisses,

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I can only imagine your devastation. If I were you, I would get a second opinion. I would go to Dana farber. they might tell you the same thing or they might have a different idea for a treatment.
I would definitely go on the trip. my husband and I are hopefully taking a cruise in March. I think now that life is too short and have always wanted to go on a cruise.

Good luck, i will keep you in my prayers

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Sorry for the news, Mary. I'd strongly recommend a second opinion...I don't see any downside to it, and maybe a fresh idea will come out of it.

Use the cruise to celebrate the life you and your husband are sharing NOW. Go feel the warm sand around your feet and the cold drinks on your lips. Hold hands and hug each other. Take a good break from this and recharge. Take pictures and use them for motivation to plan another trip in a couple more years.

Then KICK BUTT with whatever you choose to battle this invader. Fight a strong fight, then recupe on the beach again.

Take care.


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Dear Mary,

I agree with those that have suggested a second opinion. I know that there are so many more treatment options available that I would want a couple of different opinions on what my best course of action would be.

Please know that I wish the best for you.


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Hiya Mary. I guess the risk factor is foremost on your mind re; the trip. Weigh it all up and go with your best gut feeling. Jen and I planned a 4 week holiday which I made the decision to go on. This was imediately following a full 6 months of chemo. Admittedly I really was not up to it but nrver told Jen and our friends how bad I was feeling during the trip.(think they guessed anyway). I battled on and was pretty stuffed by the end of the trip.....but hey, it was worth evey minute despite feeling ill most of the time.
Mary, if you really need this holiday and I am sure it will be enormous benefit. Ask yourself and your oncologist/surgeon if 2 weeks away will really make any difference to your cancer? Doing something you have planned for quite a while would be very beneficial to your emotional wellbeing.
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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