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Hi everyone, my doctor told me he wants to add this drug to the Folfox treatment I am all ready getting. My concerns are some of the side effects I have read about it. I know everyone is different when it comes to side effects but has anyone experience the servere ones while on this med. Thanks Livin

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Hi Livin, I am already on Avastin, if that is what you are to have. I have had two treatments so far, and side effects haven't really hit except diarihha , and that tireness. I too am on Folfox type treatment and I know sine I had chemo before the symtoms can & will get alittle worse as the stuff get into you. but good luck & I trusted my Dr. plus been reading great things about Avastin. Amy

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I'm not on Avistan yet, but my doc is thinking of putting me on it in about a month. I will be curious to hear of the side efffects people are having. I too read about it and it is a little scary. Hang in there.

The Xeloda I am taking is making my hands and feet terribly swollen and sore, I can hardly walk.

Take care.


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I was on avastin for 8 months and other then high blood pressure, it's obvious side effects were not that bad. I took supplements of potassiuum and vit k to offset the "free bleeding" and never really had any problems with that. I took it with folfox 6 too (5fu and oxil) and could not really differentiate between all the side effects (which one caused what). I hope this helps. Ask any questions your may have.

Lisa P.

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Hi Livin, I was on Avastin for 7 months, every other week treatment. I was also on Camptostar,5/FU and one other. The only side eefect that I noticed was that my naseua feeling was worse on the days that I got Avastin, but with anti-naseua drugs I felt better. I was Stage 4 but now in remission. Best of luck with it. Mike

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My mom is on Avastin and the only thing she has is high blood pressure.... other then that, she is doing fine.
I hope this helps....


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Hiya Livin!
All the best to you and yours. I, too, am on a protocol of 5FU, Leucorvin and Avastin. Have been now for ummmm about 7 treatments. Other than fatigue, and some minor nausea, I have no side effects. I hope this helps.


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Thanks everyone for your replies. I am experiencing the tingling and needles in my hands already from the Oxaliplatin.

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