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My daughter has been travelling in Thailand. Yes that Thailand! She was on the move and incommunicado for a while. I have been glued to CNN watching the devastation and thinking the worst. Well. I finally got an e-mail today. She is down on the southern beaches alright but on the Gulf coast not the Indian Ocean where the tsunami hit. She did not even know anything had happened for a day or so.
"I sent you some postcards telling you all about my trip." I am still waiting for those cards.
That wench needs to get her globe-trotting butt back home and stop giving people fits. The thought crossed my mind that I would rather have another course of chemo than hear any bad news. I hope nobody heard me.
She is a adult and I cannot tell her what to do but she will always be my baby girl.
Aspaysia, the Queen of Nervous.

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Go Mom!!!!!!!

I can only imagine where you head has gone lately. Good luck getting her butt home!!!!!! She called and you should be pleased.

As a phone company employee (long distance mostly), always call those that may be worried about you. In extreme conditions, the phone companies shut down most incoming long distance calls so folks can call outward. They want people to reach to who they need to, instead of everyone using all the lines for calling in to check. It can be nerve racking to those calling, but since there are only so many telephones lines (land and cell), the intend is to use them carefully. Be warned and always call and let people know if and when you are even close to "bad stuff". People who care will worry.

Lisa P.

PS. Can you hear me now????....no SB, this isn't a colonoscopy.

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Good one, Lisa!

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Take it from another world traveler... we Bohemians are pretty self-sufficient. Anyone with the stones to take off to somplace half-way around the world with a completely different language, alphabet, culture, climate, cuisine (very important aspect when visiting Thailand), etc., will be pretty good at taking care of his or her self.

It's OK, Mom. Oh, and as far as the "Third World Express" mail system goes... ever hear of a "slow boat to China"? - that was an international mail carrier. You get what you pay for over there - especially when you send stuff with onlt a 5 cent post card stamp on it. I remember I once sent each of my boys and my (then) wife a post card from Morocco. Well, the boys' arrived about two weeks after I got home, but her's didn't. She accused me of not sending one to her (oh boy...). It must have really pissed her off because she didn't let it got for a few months and then... what appeared in the mailbox one day? Her postcard from Marakesh. No doubt you'll get her postcards, you just may be 88 years old when they finally arrive!

BTW, tell her to be sure NOT to pick you up and "agricultural" souveniers over there. that's the one way Bohemians mess-up and have their travel plans seriously changed.

- SB (a lover of pad-Thai and lemon grass soup)

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Dear Aspaysia,

What a relief! I can't imagine how you felt not knowing her whereabouts.

Now you can have a peaceful beginning to the New Year!


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