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goin to mayo

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hello all. please send up some prayers for me and my family as we will be leaving for mayo on wed for my appt on thurs. i will be getting a surg eval he is ready to go in. i have been on erb and cpt 11 since oct so curious to see if it took care of any of the small ones. i hope so. i have to large ones in my left lung one on top and one on bottom. i hope all these are gone. this is better news then what i had before so if its possible i am releived. my children are 5 and 7 and i am 35 and it is hard to watch them as they watch me go through all this especially surg. they have proven to be stronger than me and have taught me what courage and faith are. i will post when i find out something. my surg wants me off chemo for six weeks b4 he will do surg so that makes me nervous that is a long time. like all of us on here i am just so ready for this to be done with but i will do what it takes to be here for my kids. take care all and happy new year


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God bless you Nettie. We'll be praying for you!

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Nettie, you are on my list; many prayers will be with you. Good luck at Mayo. Judy

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My prayers are with you. Good luck tomorrow. Livin

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Good luck to you Netti. Follow your kids' lead and stay strong and courageous. You'll look back on this later and it will seem to have passed in no time at all. Kinda like livin' thru a tornado (allright, maybe there could have been a kinder, gentler analogy...but it seems to fit the last few months, everything's been spinnin' and the dust hasn't settled yet.) Let us know what happens.


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good luck with your appts. you will be here a long time for your children. keep the faith.
all the best

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wishing you the best! prayers are with you.

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you are in my prayers. Keep strong, you will be just fine.


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Netti -

My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family as you head up to Mayo and get your eval.

Be strong. Find comfort in knowing they are working hard for you and your friends here are holding you close in our hearts.

- SpongeBob

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Dearest netti,

You and your family will most certainly be in my thoughts and prayers. I really hope you will have the best of news to report.

Lots of positive thoughts,

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The Best of Luck to you at Mayo Nettie! I will be praying for you and thinking strong good positive thoughts. Hang in there. They didn't get that good reputation for nothing!

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