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Lot better mood

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I don't know why my mood is better. Things haven't really changed. I went to a good church service tonight. The teens had the program. They did a skit about the birth of Jesus and had quite a few songs. They were inspirational. I just couldn't believe what a good job they did. It really lifted my spirits. I guess I enjoyed it so much because the hubbub of Christmas is over, and I just enjoyed the true meaning. Hope this is ok to say here. I know every one has their own way of worshipping and I respect that. I start physical therapy tomorrow for the weakness that was supposedly caused by the stroke that they say I had during my cancer surgery in May. Then MRI's on Wednesday and surgeon appts. Plus a lot of running to do. I love you guys and I hope everyone is doing well. I just started thinking of every thing I came through this year....and then, I stopped and thought...yes, everything you CAME through. That is all behind me and I have my future to work on now...one day at a time.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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I always feel better the week after Christmas than the week beofre. I, too, found peace in the church when the commercial part of Christmas was grinidng to a halt. Hang onto that feeling. As your recover, you will feel it more and more. You have earned it! Merry Christmas!

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Hi Grandma. I'm sorry I wasn't around much in the past few weeks. Sounds like you have had your share of crap.

So glad you are feeling better. I think distraction is a wonderful thing. We get so caught up in the doctors, chemo, tests, meds and everything else that takes over our lives, that we forget that we do actually have a life. More than just the garbage. Sometimes we have to go out and look for it, but it is there. I hide away in good comedies. And my new pup. He is a great distraction.

Keep strong. You are one of the strongest people around, Judy. Hang tough! Tell them who is boss and don't take any crap from anyone!!!

Love ya,


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Good for you Judy. Hey, I agree with Barb. Sometimes I go sit in the sunshine and sit and think---I look around at all the wonderfull things we take for granted, then think just how much time we spend bitching about trivial things.We need to do some real bitching sometimes Judy. For the fight against cancer needs to be bitched about--needs to be exoressed in terms of it's importance to life for all of us. Focus on it--fight it--don't expend your energy on the "trivial" stuff. Reality hits home and we begin to realise that some things are just out of our control.
I was watching the tv news and saw the terror that the last few days has brought this world with the tsunami in se-asia and discovered everywhere we are fighting different battles.
Sitting relaxing one day I was tempted to kill a few ants that were crawling over my feet--then thought better of it. They in their own way were fighting for life too--what gives me the right to kill them?
I see around us much grief but remind myself that all life is fighting the battle--all life is precious.
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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hey judy,
glad to see you are up and had a great xmas. yes it is okay to say you enjoyed the true meaning, no matter our faith we all have to believe in a god. keep up the good spirits and keep us posted on your upcoming tests.
all the best

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Hi Judy,
I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better! Happy New Year to you! It sounds like you are ready to ring in the new one! I am sending you a nice hug.

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