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Nurses start your drips...

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I have precisely 18 minutes to change my pouch, shower, do my hair (that is falling out) put on a touch of makeup so I "look" healthy and fly out the door to that wonderful place I go for chemo. Round 2 starts today.

Oops. Now I only have 17 minutes. Gee... am I procrastinating? I think I just heard the dryer buzzz... think I need to fold those clothes before I go..... hmmm.... I think I could throw dinner in the crock pot too~ oh yeah, someone is bringing us dinner tonight. Oh I know. I could wash the car. Oh... its raining. Hmmmmm...

Well I better go. Now I only have 15 minutes. Looks like I am going to be late. Big smile here. I have so little control but I do have control over the time I arrive...... sometimes its the little things in life!!!


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That is a wonderful post....we have to keep our spirits up as much as possible. Those who are going through this thing, those who are caregivers, those who are waiting for the next test to see if there is a recurrence...we all have to retain some humour to survive.

Good luck with your treatment!

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MJay -

I'm with ali on this. You GO, girl! Keep that great 'tude and we'll be here for ya.


- SB

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hey mj,
wow what a insprition to us all. keep up the great positive attitude!!!!! you go girl!!!!
all the best

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