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Ding-ding and in this corner Livin

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Hi everyone so sorry to hear some sad news about our fellow semi-colons. Coming out of my corner giving everything I have to battle this round 2 of chemo. (had chemo in 2001 for colon cancer now a recurrance with the liver mets.) Started Wednesday with the Folfox iv regimen which consist of oxalipaltin, 5 fu and leucovrin. In the hospital from Wednesday until today Friday then off 2 weeks and repeat the cycle for 6 months. So far tolerated the first doses well. Stuff me was a little affraid at first but back to my fighting stance-smile. Just wanted to update everyone. I visit this site daily but don't always reply. I have all of you in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all and Thanks for your support and understanding. Livin

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Go get 'em Livin! BTW, love the silk Rocky Balboa boxer trunks!

Gotta fly now... (am I showing my age?)

- Sponge

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Dear Livin,

Glad to hear the fighting spirit! A re-diagnosis is never fun... This time round you don't have the luxury of ignorance. But (as all veterans know) a positive attitude goes a long way. I hope you tolerate the regime well. Savour the time out of treatment. If you ever need a boost, we are here.

Good luck,

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Hi Livin!

I'm fighting this second round with you. I began my treatment this past Wednesday also, with Oxaliplatin and Zeloda. I did the 5Fu and Leuk, the last time and the docs wanted to try to the Zeloda this time. The zeloda is in pill form and I have to take 7 per day - it is already getting old and I am constantly feeling nauseas. Let me know how you do on your Oxaliplatin - we can compare notes. Let's beat this together this time, once and for all.


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Kerry, I had to take 6 xeloda per day after meals and they were pretty hard to choke down. THey are so big. Horse pills. And That alone made me nauseous, never mind the other stuff I was on.

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Hey Monteil,
We are all in your corner pulling for you...you go girl!! Glad to here that you are again in your fighting stance. Prayers to you.
Regards, Judy

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