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My exhibitionist tendencies have been outed!

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Hopes this greeting finds everyone in good spirits! Thanks for the warm messages... You guys are awesome! Kerry, wishing you the best of luck with treatment and if you have any questions about the oxaliplatin/Xeloda... Well, just ask! Fortunately, I think many find it to be a tolerable regime. The best part being the minimal visits to the hospital! Aspaysia, I'm very sorry about your Dad. May his spirit live on in you and your family. Monica, your friend's daughter has been added to the prayer list. I'm sure she has tons of support, but if she ever wants to post on the Young adult site or she could certainly e-mail me for a lifing message...

Finally, I am shocked and dismayed to see that a girl can't keep anything a secret around here (SB!). Now, if I could just find my thigh high boots, thong and nipple ring... I'll be all set for this evening's activites... He, he, he. Just kidding (maybe).

Lots of love from the perverted Canadian,

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Huff--pufff--err--excuse me Andrea--have been awol again working and missed your last post. Just got back and ran inside--gee--'ol body didn't like that--lol!
Hey--great to see you have done well!!!!You must have worked really hard and am sure you deserve it Andrea.
Go out and celebrate sweetie--and sure--have missed yah!
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Well... if you can't find your thong, I'm sure Kanga has one he'll be happy to lend you. As for the other accoutrament... I'm afraid my thigh highs are too big for you - besides they match my corsette perfectly...

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I was going to let this one slide but being a member in good standing of the American Society of the King's Inglish Correctors or ASKIC it behoves me to do my duty and inform you that accoutrement is the proper spelling. And you do not wear a corsette unless you are French. It does wonders for one's cleevage. Or perhaps you meant to say corselet which is body armour (in particular a breastplate) which you will need to save youself from further attack.
Buy a dictionary, Dude!

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