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Hey everyone ..havent posted in a while.. I am on the last two weeks of radiation..still going stong on chemo..yuk seven days a week with my fanny pack.. anyone have any ideas about how to help with this fatigue..am so tired of being tired... hope everyone on here is doing good..I keep this site and its members in my prayers.. hang in there and be strong..its what we have to do.. peace.. Ramona

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Ahoy, Ramona -

I was wondering where you'd been! Welcome back!!

You know, it may sound weird, but actually there are studies showing that exercise helps combat the fatigue. I rode and exercise bike while I was on chemo and it helped me.

There is always Procrit and/or a transfusion (I called it an oil change). I always felt a lot better (albeit for only a few days) after an oil change.

Hang tough, darlin'! Glad to hear from you!!

- Sponge

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The radiation also makes you tired...particularly towards the end, which is where you are at! Hang in there.

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Hello Ramona!

I'm Rita, happy to meet you. I am on chemo at the moment, and am so tiredddd all the time too. I am still working everyday, but some days it seems like I am dragging! The oncology nurse suggested excercise. If it dries up some I am going to start walking. If you find anything to help, please post it! I am taking Aranes (sp) it's like procrit.

Take care and my prayers are with you.


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Hi Ramona,
Radiation made me very tired. And it takes a while to kick in -- my fatigue started about two weeks after I started, and then it lasted 2 weeks after the radiation ended. I had a nap every day -- and partly just had to accept it. But I did also try to walk every day. That helped me psychologically. Be kind to yourself. It will pass.

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It will get better. I remember also being SOOOO tired. I was able to work full time, but all I did was work and sleep. I didn't have any pep for anything else. I remember taking many naps and going to bed very early. You will get through this.

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thanks for all the comments and kind words.. peace..Ramona

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I can empathise with you as I had to give up work for the last two weeks of that treatment as I just got too knackered. Exercise did help but I found vigourous exercise that dehydrated me eg going to the gym, made it worse so don't push yourself too hard.

The nicest thing was the period after it as the energy returned I felt great after so long of feeling tired. So you have that to look forward to. hope it goes okay,


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