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New Statistics??????

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Hi to all,
I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. Last year I had chemo induced diarrhea and was on TPN (IV fluids) for Thanklsgiving and did not have any turkey. This year I made up for it.
I was one of those crazy people who got up at 4:45 AM to go shopping yesterday and didn't get home until 10:30 PM. Of course I found every bathroom in the mall, some more than once. This made me realize even more that my colostomy surgery in Jan. will improve my quality of life.

I went to see my oncologist this week and I always ask her the chances of my cancer coming back. She said I only have a 20% of it coming back now. YIPPEE!! She also said there are new statstics theat if you remain cancer free for 3 years you are considered cured, instead of 5 years. Has anyone else heard this? I will have to ask my surgeon when I see him in 2 weeks.

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Hi Maureen!

Wow if that statistic were true then I would be considered cured by my docs. But after my my CT scan this week my new colon doc said not a word about being cured. I am curious what my Mayo onc would say?? I'll have to call him and ask him.

I know too many people whose cancer came back at 5 years so I do not put too much weight in it. I just have to live my life as if I AM cured now for today!! :-)

peace, emily who ate her share of turkey too!

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Well put Em...live life today like you are cured...that's living!!!!

Monika :)

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Ahoy, Maureen -

I had heard that the "cured" period had recently been bumped up to seven years - there was a string on that just a few weeks ago as I recall.

My mom was NED for 7 years and was just diagnosed again. Of course ours is in the genes (thanks for THAT, mom...) so we will realistically never be out of the woods.

Glad you are finding a silver lining to your ostomy cloud. Glad also that you sound like you are doing fantastic!

Keep her so, Mo!

- Bob

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Our oncologist also talked about the three year mark as being significant. I think it really means that you stand a better chance of "cure" once you have passed the three year mark, rather than the five year mark. However, as we see from several posts cancer can return at any time. I do know that if it comes back within the first year of diagnosis, the prognosis is not so good....at least, that is what we have been told!

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My oncologist told me that, because new treatments are better, the five year 'cured' period may have to be extended -- that is, sometimes there are recurrences after 5 years -- the newer treatments postpone the time. On the other hand, at least for my situation, I've learned that 80% of recurrences happen within the first two years. So, I've decided that I am going to have a big celebration when I hit the 2 year mark. (And then another at 5 years, another at 7 years - keep celebrating!!).

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Well, I missed the 2 yr. mark by about 2 months! Mine came back (was diagnosed) 2 weeks ago. I begin my new chemo regime this Wednesday at MD Anderson. Do I start counting again???


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It is all about reducing probabilities and it seems from increasing studies that the cvast majority of recurrences are in teh first three years so your chances reduce significantly if you make it htat far. Five years you can be more confident and at 7 very confident. but unfortunately there is always a chance of recurrence even after that though it is very small (sorry- I always seem to be the one giving the worst side of the story- probably the doc in me!)
Anyway each clear year deserves a celebration in itself. We have all been through so much we bloody well deserve to celebrate something!


Anonymous user (not verified)

I'm with you Steve...but Bert and I take it one step further. We celebrate each clear Scan, which in our case is every three months. He was diagnosed June 2003, surgery July 2003, so has been NED for at least for almost 18 months...and we are thankful every single day for that.

You are not the bearer of bad news...merely realistic from your viewpoint and while I would love to hear that in fact the new "cure" time is indeed three years, I guess it's the pessimist in me that keeps holding my breath waiting for five years to pass. I'm getting so much better thou.

Monika who if she doesn't stop holding her breath will turn a beautiful shade of purple-blue :D

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