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Jerri's pet scan results

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Hey all...We finally had some good news with no "buts" attached to it (appropriately just before Thanksgiving). Jerri (my wife) had a pet scan last Tuesday...on Wednesday we were told there was no evidence that it had spread outside the pelvis area. Thanks to God, and all of our old friends and our new friends, the semi-colons, for their prayers.

Jerri has a colonoscopy on Tuesday next week, and then starts chemo (5FU, irnitecan or campostar(?) and a third one I can't remember right now) on December 6th.

I was so worried about the results of the pet scan I didn't even want to hear the results until Monday next week; I didn't want it to ruin our Thanksgiving. But, the news was good for a change. It really lifted Jerri's spirits. Our friends screamed, laughed and cried with her. Jerri and I and our kids stayed up till midnight playing games and enjoying the day.

It was a good and fulfilling Thanksgiving. I hope every else also had a good one.


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Jimmy & Jerri -

Great news. Sounds like things are manageable and you have the right attitude. Go Get 'Em!

Have a wonderful holiday season... I noticed your biys beat-up on Da Bears yesterday - congrats.


- SB

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I am so happy for you guys!!!! Keep smiling and enjoying the good news!!!! That will get you guys through the next step!! Again, GREAT news!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Best Wishes and prayers your way!!

Sue and Bob

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Hiya Jimmy--great to hear Jerri getting some positive news. All the best for tuesday Jerri!!!! Now don't forget that with chemo coming up tou may need a lot of questions answered so don't be bashfull. We are all here to help any way we can--anything at all guys!
our luv to you both, kanga n Jen

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Jerri and Jimmy,

Great news! So glad to hear it. I know the feeling of good news from scans. When my bone scan came out negative the other day my sister and I whooped for joy.

Let us know how Jerri does on the chemo. I took 5FU, Leuk, and Camptosar also last year.

My very best to you both.


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Yipeee! What great news and right at Thanksgiving time! Thanks for sharing the fantastic news!


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Hi Jimmy,
I am so happy to hear your great news! I am happy for your whole family! Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

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