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CT scan results.....

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Hello all you semi-colons;

Well the awaited results are in from both the colonoscopy and the CT scan.

Benign and ALL CLEAR!! no change from last ct.


NOw all I have to worry about is a day with the in-laws tomorrow. What's worse? In-laws or cancer?

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

peace, emily who will relish her organic free range turkey and stuffing tomorrow! yum!

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Just wanted to add this is my three year mark!!

Stage 3 lymph pos zero mets ALL CLEAR for THREE years!!!!!

Praise God.

No more tests for an entire year!

peace, emily who will celebrate with organic pumpkin pie sweetened with stevia. :-) heehee

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oops I forgot to put in the stevia and used rice syrup instead! I was going to experiment (I do not know how to cook with it yet) but totally forgot when I started cooking.

peace, emily who is ready to put her face in the pie!

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A great big (((((((((hug)))))))))) from New York!

Love to hear it.

Just finished cooking my sweet potato pie, apple pie, cheesecake and New England stuffing. Sorry to say, there is no fat free cream cheese, stevia, splenda or anything remotely healthy about these desserts. Hey, once in a while, ya gotta say, "What the H*ll!"

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

So happy for you, Em.



Anonymous user (not verified)

WHOOHOOO, and a hip, hip hurray too!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Emily to and yours.

Monika & Bert

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WHOOO HOOOOOO IS RIGHT!!!!! great news emily!!! thanks for sharing - i was thinking about you. Happy Thanksgiving!!! You have a lot to be thankful for. WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!

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hi emily,
congrats and cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great news keep it going
enjoy our thanksgiving feast
all the best

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Congratulations !
I am so thrilled for you !!!

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday.

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Congratulations on the good news. Keep it up!!!

Have a wonderful, glorious Thanksgiving.


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Yeehah! Hoorah! Woo hoo!
CONGRATULATIONS! Fantastic news.

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Hi Em,
What a great way to start Thanksgiving weekend! We have much to be thankful for...enjoy despite the in laws! Judy

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well I have been praying really hard and I woke up today knowing this is gonna be a great day!!

So far so good with the in-laws! :-0

peace, emily

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so happy for you. how wonderful I am having my surgery 12/8 to reverse ilostomy, and mucus fistual(sp) and removal of spots on liver and 2 mets on liver so I will be hospital for 14 days so pray for me okay. I am so really happy for you

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you got it! prayers on their way!

peace, emily

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Hi Em, Great news and what awonderful Thanksgiving you will have, even in spite of your in-laws. Congratulations!!!!! Love to hear good news.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Congrats from a two year survivor. If you can do it...Three years ago on Thanksgiving I had just been dx'd. I ate turkey while hooked up to a fanny pack full of 5Fu. I was also getting daily radiation but not that day. I cannot believe how different it will be this year. Even one year ago I had not received the all clear. That came in December. A nice Christmas present.
Everyone is coming to dinner and we have been blessed with a new baby in the family. And saddled with a new puppy. Grrrr.
Aspaysia wishing you all a good feed (and don't let those relatives get you down).

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Yea..! Polly Polyp does it again... Bud

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Hi Emily,

I have been praying that this would be the news that you would receive! What a relief... and just in time for Thanksgiving.

Thanks for sharing!


PS ....love the stevia, especially in green tea!

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Emily! WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Do the happy dance!!!!!! HOORAY for you!
Hugs to you,

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Last again!!!!!-----I hate bein upside down sometimes Em!!!!
Congatulations sweetie--hope you read this. You deserve NED forever more Emily!!!!
Lotsa luv n huggies, kanga n Jen

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I am so happy for you!!!!! You have been a real go getter and it has paid off big time!!!!

I know that it is the day after the big feast, did you survive the in-laws? Hope you had a GREAT day!!!!

Thanksgiving went ok. I survived the in-laws and X's families!!! I only had one meltdown PRIVATELY!!! All went smoothly and it was GREAT to see Bob sitting at the table with us!!!! He is hanging in there!!! Hoping for warm weather so I can get Bob outside to get a little exerice and sunshine. It is a super wooly wearing day today!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!! Keep the celebration going as you have alot to celedrate for!!!!

Love to you and your family!!!!

Thank You for being there for us all!!!!

Sue and Bob

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Better late than never i hope...congratulations, Emily, you deserve the very best!!!

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