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" Kanga " It's A Small World ! ! !

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Everyone,

Here's A Short Story ! ! !

I was out for coffee this morning while my car was in the garage having snowtires installed. At the local Tim Hortons coffee shop, I saw a girl from my gym class and decided I would sit with her. As it turns out she used to live in Australia for 17 years. So I asked her where and she said Adelaide, well actually the small town of Kapunda. So making small talk I told her I had a friend in Kapunda who's name is Ross( our very own Kanga ). As it turns out she was Ross & Jen's our old neighbor, well I almost fell of my seat when she told me that... Her name Ross is Cynthia McLaughlin and she lived at John Taylors house.

Now what do you think of that Kanga ?

It's A Small World My Friend,

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mmmmmmm??---sorry to disappoint you Lisa--but there must have been 2 others with our christian names. We have only lived here in Kapunda for about 18 months. We don't know of the Cynthia you name here nor of a John Taylor? Would have been a nice coincidence---but--ahhhh
"don't think so!"
Sorry to let you down on that Lisa--must have been someone else she new.

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Do you know who Tim Horton is?
Hint: I grew up in Canada and could not avoid the national pastime.
Aspaysia who lived in the same town as Lisa Rose.

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My name is Cynthia McLachlin and I used to live with John Taylor in Kapunda, I read your message on this site and was intrigued. I'm not exactly remembering who you are, could you maybe clear it up for me? :)

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Hi Cynthia,
I just read these posts and noticed that it's been a while and Lisa Rose hasn't answered. I just thought I'd make a post so that it would go to the top of the discussion board so there'd be another chance she'll see it. I love reading about coincidences like these- I hope she sees it and answers!

I live in California, but once my husband and I were on a trip to China and were talking to someone else from the USA- it ended up that I worked with her sister!

Take care,

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