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DX Lung Cancer

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Joined: Nov 2004

In Oct. Dx with Adenocell and Neuro Endocrine lung cancer. Has anyone had this type? Had none of the typical lung cancer symptons. Did have severe muscle weakness, and double vision along with weight loss. Cancer is inop. at this time, doing chemo and start radiation week after Thanksgiving. Would love to hear of someone that has beat this......

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Hi. I have no experience with your type, but I have survived non small cell lung cancer. (Squamus cell carcinoma) Upon DX, it was inoperable and incurable. I was given aggressive chemo and radiation treatments, which reduced the tumor by 75%. This allowed the thoracic surgeon to remove the remains of the tumor, along with the upper 40% of my right lung. I am three years out, and so far, no signs of recurrence. I think that adenocarcinoma is less likely to metastisize, but I don't know what complications the neuro endocrine cancer introduces. My point is that my tumor was inoperable/incurable without treatment. With treatment, I am a survivor. Don't panic. Ask a lot of questions, - "Why?", "What?", "How?"... anything you can think of. Do a lot of research. The more you understand the disease and treatment, the better you deal with it. Become pro-active in your treatment. And above all... Believe! Keep a positive attitude. Best wishes, - you are in my prayers.

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Wow! It's great to hear from another one out there that has and or had advanced NSCLC! I was diagnosed with stage IV (end stage) non-small cell lung cancer in July 2002. The primary was in the left lung and mets were in adjacent lymph nodes and brain. Although I've never heard of a treatment protocol recommending surgical intervention for stage IV NSCLC, a neurosurgeon removed the brain metastasis and a cardiothoracic surgeon removed the upper left lobe and a cluster of six adjacent lymph nodes (two were cancerous).

Here it is November 2004 (2 years and 4 months later) and I'm still clear as a bell, based on most recent MRIs and scans. I had no pre-op or post-op chemo...nothing, zero, nada. The only significant drug I had was anti-seizure meds and steroids, the latter to reduce the edema (brain swelling) so the neurosurgeon could operate.

In retrospect, it's my guess they proceeded with surgery because the edema was affecting respiration, motor function, vision, and I was susceptible to very near-term seizure and respiratory arrest, anyway.

The only caveat is that by the time it reaches stage IV, it's systemic and bad boy cells are usually circulating around in the blood and body fluids looking for another metastatic site.

I'll worry about that when the time comes, but I'm one extremely lucky dude and know it.

Best of Luck!


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Joined: Dec 2004

My husband,last November-2003, during a routine physical for work was called by the doctor after the chest x-ray showed a spot on left upper lobe of lung. Was referred to a pulmonologist who ordered CT scan than confirmed a lung mass. Decided to repeat CT scan in 1 month, which was done. No changes. Thought this may be silicosis and histoplasmosis (works in cement plant - going on 29 years) Ordered repeat CT scan and pulmonary function series in May. No canges. Ordered repeat in Nov. Called the next day. Mass has grown. Ordered lung biopsy the next day. Went in the following Tues. Doctor relays that biopsy negative. Some chance of false negative with biopsy of the lungs. Still 20-30% chance it could be cancer. Repeat CT in early March 2005. During all of this they have said all test results are abnormal, medialstinum lymph nodes are all enlarged or have calcified and no longer performing their function. We feel discouraged with the wait and see approach but don't know where to turn. Any ideas or have you heard or discovered anyone with similar story? Any info would be appreciated. Sounds like you are doing well considering all you have gone through. Hope you continue to persevere!!!! Thanks Ylynn

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Joined: Dec 2004

Hello Ylynn,

My husband is also fighting lung cancer. He just had a Pet Scan on his whole body to see EXACTLY what is going on in his body and it points out precisely WHAT IS CANCER and WHAT ISN'T CANCER. I am sending the info. to you so that maybe this will help you also. Good luck to you. The info. is below.



http://www.petscan.org/index.cfm (click on LungCancer)


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hi, I have small cell lung cancer, I am in remission two years last february. I am inoperable and was only given a 5% chance of survival. I did four chemo's and rads to chest , side and back. I am still here and fighting and glad to have beaten it this far, just don't give in to this damn disease and keep a good attitude. I am a survivor and you will be also. In My Prayers and with you in this battle. Mike (handle123@verizon.com)

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