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Those bloomin' bulbs

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I was looking through the catalogue from Van Dycks Bulbs trying to plan my spring garden. Some of the names struck me as amusing and I had the idea of planting a few for you guys. I could take pictures. It would be fun.
The Stargazer Lily for Judith because she is a dreamer.
The Giant Trumpet Daffodil Fortissimo for Monika. She is so fortissimo.
The Snow Crocus Winter Chaser for Sue and Bob. They need to chase those winter blues.
The Reblooming Iris Champagne Elegance is Kerry's for obvious reasons.
Juliababy would be the Mayflowering Blushing Girl Tulip.
Judy (Grandma47) strikes me as the Reblooming Mother Earth Iris because she tries to take care of everyone and we know she will rebloom for 47 more years.
The Darwin Hybrid Tulip for Steved. Since he is a man of science and a shrink he must believe in the evolutionary process.
The Tall Truimph Hot Lips Tulip because she is so tall and gutsy. I hope she is a good sport.
The Jackpot Tulip for Vanessa because her Mom just hit the jackpot.
The Starship Enterprise Iris for fellow Trekkie babs211.
The Dawn to Dusk Duet for that lovely antipodean couple Kanga and Jen.
Emily will love the Tulip Blueberry Ripple. And we are not talking cheap wine here.
Guess who gets the Boogie Woogie Lilly? A hybrid Orientalis Trumpetus Proliferera. Insert jokes here.
If I have left anyone out don't worry. There is a huge drift of daffydils in the center of the garden that comes up every year.
Fritillaria Assyriaca

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lol!lol!---oh Aspaysia!--we gladly accept the "honor" of being associated with one of your bulb plantings. You gorn done it now 'cos in the future we are going to wanna see tha fruits of your efforts!
I have this funny feeling you were associating us with the "nocternal species?"
Hey--just think of all the "hard" housework I am doing while you are zzzzing Asp!!!!
luv kanga n Jen

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Joined: Nov 2003

I will definitely be putting up another photo album/diary on my website following the progress of the great bulb project.
I hope you are helping your stalwart wife with the housework and everything else around there. It is much better exercise than hanging out on the 'puter all day and doing 12 ounce curls.
Aspaysia, who should talk.

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Oh Aspaysia, What a great way to start my day. I read your post this morning and have had a smile on my face ever since.

What great names and you matched them so well. LOL

I can't wait to see the pictures this spring! I was looking through your gallery last night and enjoyed the photos of the English garden. Beautiful!

Here's to Spring!


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Joined: Nov 2003

I am glad to make you smile anytime it is within my power to do so. There will be a photo album witha picture of your iris probably about the time you are finished your treatment.
Have a good and productive journey and get home safe. To spring, indeed!

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Hello!! Just read your post!!! Thank You for planting one of our favorite flowers!!! It is such a blessing to have a special friend pulling for us!!! We both love flowers!!!! To the point that Bob said that we either by flowers of go away and always the flowers win!!!! I planted lots of bulbs last year to brighten our day and the little squirrels just eat all winter on them to the point that there isn't anything left to come up in the early spring to pop through the snow. I hope you have better luck them we do. I can't wait for the response this spring!!!!

Best Wishes!!!

Sue and Bob

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Joined: Nov 2003

There are a number of cultivars of C. tommasinianus that are unpalatable to squirrels. They bloom here in the Carolinas (zone 7) as early as mid-January. They are hardy in zone 3 - 9. New Jersey is a 6 so you could plant some now and see the results late January or mid-February. The Red Ruby snow crocus is a deep indigo blue that looks pretty against the white stuff.
Stay well this winter.

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Assp -

I think for you, I would say a passion plant (I believe it's also called a Crown of Thorns plant in some locales) - for obvious reasons...


- SB

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Joined: Nov 2003

I looked up Crown of Thorns (euphorbia milii) and it is a poisonous plant. Well, one man's passion is another's poison.

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Hey Asp!

How funny...I finally popped on this thread to see what it was about and I had blueberry on my lips and in my teeth as I just downed a smoothie for supper.....haha!

So who is Tulip Hot Lips??

Thanks for the thoughts. I love flowers and am in the Arctic Zone just about here in the North Woods. Will be attacking my new garden plots next spring (maybe by July! haha).

Enjoy the blooms!

peace, emily who would rather be a bloomin blueberry than a bloomin idiot!

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I just re-read my post and realized I omitted the name Lisa P. She is the Tall Triumph Tulip here since she is following in your alternative footsteps. I don't know how tall you are but you sure are gutsy.
Aspaysia, your #12 fan (there are at least that many ahead of me)

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Aspaysia, that was priceless, and thank you for all the effort and thoughtfulness that went into it. Best of luck to your bulbs. I planted lots this fall...crocus, allium, snow drops, anemones, daffs; we already got our first 6 inch snow fall.
Can't wait til spring, unless I can get back into shape enough to cross country ski this winter! Judy

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Joined: Nov 2003

You are way ahead of me. It is still 75' during the day and we are still waiting for that killin' frost. They say a good rule of thumb is to eat that Tanksgiving meal and go out right after to poke some of them bubs in the ground and keep planting until Christmas. It's a molasses farm down heyah.
Aspaysia whose Canadian relatives think she has gone native.

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