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Glioblastoma Multiforme

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My aunt is now in her 4th stage of cancer. It is very hard to see her like this. Does anyone know of any alternative treatments they can tell me about? Please let me know!

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Amelia, I wish that there was something that I could tell you to help ease the pain of what you are seeing happen to your aunt. My husband was diagnosed with GBM 18 months ago, and he had a stroke in June of this year, so I know what you are watching. It is devastating. I do not know of any alternative therapies that have shown any real value; if I had seen any, my husband would be on them. You will find that you go through many stages in this process.......I have finally reached the acceptance stage, but it was a long time coming. Just do your best to make your aunt's days happy ones....you will never regret being especially kind to her, and you will learn more about yourself during the journey than you ever could have imagined. Take care, my thoughts are with you.

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Dear Nance, my friend's husband was dx with GBM stage 4 last month. He has just begun tx and the process is overwhelming. One thing we could use help with is medications. Is there a resource for getting a medication sheet to write out the meds and times to be given? It seems like such a simple thing but neither of us can manage the computer program! He's on many meds and keeping track of when to take what is staggering. What suggestions do you have for us?
Thanks for any input.

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check out the Duke University website. I have a
GBM stage 4 tumor and had it removed! There is hope!These doctors are the best in the world!The doctors in my hometown gave me no chance to beat this thing! I just had a MRI done that shows no sign of active tumor.

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toolman, great news. My son was just dx with GBM Type 4 also. Had surgery, wafers implanted. Is considering Duke/Friedman. Would like to chat with you regarding your experience thus far. You can email me rpl@ronleo.com. Thanks in advance!

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still waiting to hear back want to share
my story

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Toolman, I am new to this site, ACS, my sister in law asked me to come on line to ask you questions concerning GBM and Duke University and your specifics. My sister in law's hubby was just operated on at Jefferson Hospital in PA on July 5 for GBM. He hasn't started kemo and radiation, as of yet. They are thinking about going to Duke. I have many questions to ask you. You can email me at firebite007@aol.com Just put GBM in the subject line. My sister in law has no access to a computer that will enable her to go to a chat room because of working specifications during working hours and after work she has chosen not to use her home computer because of frightening her daughter who is about to go away to college. Please email me.

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Also know that you can contact Toolman through the CSN internal email system by clicking on the envelope icon below his message. This can be helpful in case he is not longer checking the discussion boards frequently.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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