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Update on Bob!

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Hello Everyone!!! Thank You again for everything!!! Bob had a better couple of days!!! Thanks to the weather being warmer we were able to get his butt outside for a while!!!! Some of his friends stopped by and helped a lot!!! We got his cars all tuck away for the winter with Bob's help!!! We gave him a job testing and filling anti-freeze. He got a little aggrivated when he could get some of the caps off but neither could I so we made a good team. We even got him on the garden tractor to help pull one of his cars into the shed since he never put breaks on it. That was a job as the back drum locked up on it so between Bob's brother Erv and I we did the pushing and lifting and Bob did the driving. It was really GREAT to see him outside. He is in alot of pain but he still got up and out!!!

We went to the Dr.'s today for the test results and what to do for treatment.The test showed that his liver si starting to fail but they said that it wasn't bad!! He is a little jawdess butr not much. They have stopped his blood thinners so that they can drain the fluid in his belly on Friday. They are only afraid about knicking his intestines. So we are praying for a STEADY HAND!!!

As for the experimental phases that we were hoping for they are a no go right now as do to Bob's activity level and his liver involvement. Bob wasn't to dissappointed as he already realized that it was going to be a long shot now. He was just pissed that they didn't try them earlier. He is doing ok. They have put him on a patch for Pain now to try and help so that he can get around more without to much disscomfort.

So this is a mixed post. WE are giving it the old college try!!! The barn door is still open!!!!

Thank You all for your prayers they are working and please keep them coming!!!!

Love to All!!!!


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Ahoy Sue & Bob -

Well, when I was growing up we referred to having one's zipper down as "leaving the barn door open" and mom would always tell me to "Close the barn door" - glad to see you're leaving this one open and keeping a positive attitude.

Good to see Bob out and about. It's always good for one's mood to get some sunshine and fresh air (I think that's why I like going to sea - oh and to get away from nagging neighbors, too!)

Keep up the good work. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Be well...

- SpongeBob

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hey sue & bob!!!
great to hear bob was out and about.you have to keep challenging him to get out. keep that barn door open and keep going.
stay the course
stay positive
keep the faith
all the best

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Hiya Sue--I guess it is a big effort for Bob but it shows that he has not given up sweetie. With him able to get out with his mates is a wonderfull thing Sue. Thinking of you, kanga n Jen

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Sue, I love the picture you painted of Bob and his crew putting the cars in the barn for winter - like hibernating bears. This time of year we put the garden to bed and plant bulbs. I was optimistic enough last fall to bury a few and they came up right on schedule. I have bigger plans this year, ordering a variety online and hoping for an equally successful spring.
Yesterday I pulled out all the dead flowers and trundled down to the edge of the ravine at the back of the house with the little red wagon - rusty relic of the past that has proved itself useful for decades. My sister was raking leaves while the dogs leaped and chased among the dry crackling mounds. This is what life is really all about. The small unguarded moment. People taking pleasure in the mundane task of preparing for a change of season.
According to Elizabeth Bowen "The first hour of spring strikes at the close of a winter day."
Aspaysia, hoping your bears will emerge before the first crocus.

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Sue, I was so happy to hear that Bob was up and about...enjoying life!!!! That's what its all about. Hopefully the pain patch will help and he can do more of what he enjoys doing thus brining back a meaning to life and with it, the strength, courage, and determination to fight on!!!!

Here's to BOB!!! and to you to for hanging in there.


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Brilliant stuff!!! I guess we can all learn from yor experience that with persistence, time and loads of supports real lows like you have been having over recetn weeks will pass and good times can come again. It is so hard to see the light when things are all going wrong - I can remeber stages like that ourselves earlier in this whole process. But you have obviously done the right things and I hope Bob continues to be able to do do more and enjoy some things again.
Well done and let us know how things go,

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