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Great news!

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Results back

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Great News for me. The polyps that the found were saturated adenoma..or in the terms that I could understand, they werent cancer but would have been. I go back in three months for another colonscopy to remove the rest of the one they left. Praise God! As for the fleet, my drs havent given me that but again, I cant recommend the visicol strongly enough for those of you who are like me and cant seem to keep all the other stuff down. Thanks everyone for praying and sending me "happy and good thoughts".

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- SpongeBob

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Franny, I'm Sooooo happy for you.

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Yippie-yip-hip-hooray-wowie-yowie..news like yours is great to hear..keep it coming.. Bud

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You Go Girl!

So why did they leave one in? Huh?? Did I miss something?

Yeah, when will they just give out the pills for crying out loud.

But this time it wasn't too bad. Well not as bad as times past.

but great news girl!!!!

peace, emily who is waiting to hear about her polyps now....

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They left part of one in because she couldnt get it all. It was a miracle that she even saw it. She said that it was covered up by tissue and she only saw it on the way out. The pills were a WONDERFUL thing for me. Ask your dr for them. They are called visicol. Please let me know as soon as you get the results on your polyps.

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So happy to hear this news. Congratulations.

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franny soooooo happy for you. sorry fell off the radar right now but computer is down so keeping in touch is a little hard right now. God has certainly had mercy and i thank Him. Go in His peace and rejoice my friend.


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