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anaplastic thyroid cancer - need help

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My mother has anaplastic thyroid cancer. We live in Italy and she is being treated with chemio therapy and radio therapy. My mother also had breast cancer 5 years ago.

Some doctors have told us that she may only live for another 3 to 4 months. From what I have read that can be true. Our family does not know what to do. We don't even know if we should tell her this. We are not sure if we should enroll her in a clinical test program or try to move to another city to treat her. Does anyone know doctors and people who may have had experience in treating this type of cancer? Any survivors?

How can I help her? I know this is a broad question but it's very difficult to go through this without thinking about death all the time.
If anyone knows anything about this cancer I would love to connect. My email is thedragonjade@yahoo.com

Thank you. I hope someone can help.

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