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To our own Sponger

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It has gotten way to late in this day, but it is never too late to thank our wonderfully faithful veterans!!!!!

Most of my veteran friends are calling this a long weekend, so I know I am not too late to wish you a very special weekend from all of your loving and caring friends here on the CSN!!!!!


Lisa P.

PS. Sponger, who is Jose? Is he the board police? I am scared now....

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Thanks, Lisa. Mostly, thanks to the men and women serving our country in far off places. They're the tip of the spear.

I salute all my fellow vets - Bud, Em's Husband, who else?

God Bless America and God bless the American fighting men and women.

- SB

PS - Jose is the webmaster. Great guy with a CC connection. You should check his webpage. BTW, Jose, if you're lurking - thanks for all of the GREAT support you've given us... now if we could just convince you to let Emily have a naturopathic/alternative treatments discussion board....

- SB

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hey sponger,
thanks to you and all of the men and women in the armed forces that protect this great country!!!!

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Thanks to you, fedester, you know without the support of the American people, your Armed Forces would be nothing and our nation would be weak and vulnurable. We make a good team!

- SB

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Happy Veterans Day and week end to you Bob and to all the people in the Armed Forces of these United States. Without you we may not be.

Your in my thoughts and prayers.

Sorry this is a day late--not good yesterday.


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...and without you WE wouldn't be here either.

Greetings from England.

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And of course without Geo. III, WE wouldn't be!

Where the heck have you been, Chris? Have you been getting the e-mails I've been sending along to pipex?

Cheers, mate!

- SB

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