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Thanks to all who have welcomed me to this group. I really think that it will help me to be here--not that I am in pathetic need of help--but it will be nice to talk to people that have some idea what I am going thru. I love the humor and the facts.

I will tell you alittle about me:

55yrs old, have worked 25 yrs in Qaulity Control- Automotive Industry

Went in for hemorrhoid surgery and 1st colonoscomy on April 21 of this year. Needless to say I didn't have the surgery, but a biopsy.

Started chemo and radiation on the 1st of May.

Two 4 day stays at the hospital for 24hr drip chemo--Cisplatin and 5-FU.

28 External radiation treatments (every day)
3 Internal radiation treatments (4 weeks apart)

My two Oncologists, with digital examination, say no more cancer, just scar tissue.
Will see them again; one on 22nd of this month and the other in Dec.

After that will have another biopsy to check.

The treatments were a really hard row to hoe. Sometimes wondered if the cure was worse then the illness.

Am thru the worste now, still have the lead feet and hands and the crickets in my ears.

Am still 12lbs under where I started but the Drs. do not want me to gain anymore weight. That's why the questions about sugar. Also, of course they want me to stop smoking.

What do you folks think about the low carb diet? I know that means no more sugar!!! :<

Please let me know alittle about each of you and your conditions.

Thanks again, Patsy

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Hi Patsy,

I read your first post and I didn't get an opportunity to properly welcome you to the semi-colons. Sorry you have to be here, but it is the best place to laugh, meet great people who share similiar stories and find the compassion and information you need to fight this disease. You sound like you are well on your way with the fight.

Most of us have personal web pages here along with a photo or 2 - check them out and they will tell you lots of stuff about us - at least some of us.

Good luck and once again welcome. We'll look forward to hearing from you.


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Patsy -

Interesting thing, that sugar. Lately I have been feeling very tired and I have been craving sugar. I spoke with my doc on Friday and the first thing he said was possible mets. It's a strong indicator as you probably gathered from the responses to your last post. Anything you can do to cut down/out sugar is a good thing. Just watch out for that fake sugar stuff - I hear it causes cancer!

- SpongeBob

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possible mets? You better keep us posted!


Welcome again. It's fun to read the webpages and you can jump around from the "friends" list...you'll see what I mean if you go there.

I didn't eat refined sugar for 22 years and I still got the colon cancer (nor the fake stuff--gives me migraines--as does the sugar).

But as I have said, 80% of colon cancers are diet related so that's a good place to start in your healing journey....in my opinion.

And we are not all fun and games around here....when you need to vent, moan, whine, fuss....we're here too for that.

peace, emily who really does not expect everyone to wear Birkies but as for the blueberries.....go for it!! (cancer killing buggers)

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Hi Patsy,
Kerry and I are both a day or more late in welcoming you, but welcome. I also was diagnosed by my first colonsocopy; baseline, last year at age 53, one positive polyp and one positive node.
Sorry you have met the requirements to be here, but what a great bunch of folks. We have it all (except for some missing portion of our intestines): laughter (warped "tumor humor" at times), tears, friendship, information (check your own sources), but most of all, consistant support from others who have walked in our shoes. Wish you well, Judy

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I was a little late answering your original post so check that out....WELCOME Girlfriend!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hi again Patsy. Type kangatoo on the user directory to search for my webpage personal.
Speaking of personal my cancer was found the same way as yours. I was given a "general anaesthesia" in prep for haemharoid surgery and the doc. decided to do a sigmiodoscopy before he started. He found 3 tumours--the rest is history. Needless to say I woke up from the anaesthetic and when I became fully awake realised the surgery had not been done! Then they gave us the bad news--boy--was I scared to death!!
I have since had my surgery to remove 1/3 colon and done chemo. Now I speak publicly to groups/clubs etc for cancer awareness---I find it incredible that my haemharoids were found in 97--cancer in 2003--they now tell me the haemharoids "masked" the tumour for probably 2 -3 years. I often wonder how many bowel cancers could be dx'd earlier--but are put down as haemharoids??
mmmm-food for thought.
cheers for now--luv n huggs--kanga n Jen

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