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Age 41, Just had my hysterectomy...

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on Oct. 21st. It was a full hysterectomy and it included the removal of my appendix. The endocarcinoma was graded 1. I am still waiting on the lymph node lab reports. Since the operation I have been feeling a burning sensation on my right pelvic area, it is not constant. Has anyone had their appendix removed during the surgery? Is this burning sensation normal? What stage does this fall under?

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Removing the appendix during a hysterectomy is a standard procedure. I was surprised to hear that mine had been removed when my surgeon was going through the list of what had been done, but apparently I had forgotten (probably thanks to the anesthesia) - my husband remembered that from our pre-op discussion with the surgeon. I was staged at 1b, but I was also diagnosed with stage 1c ovarian cancer (totally unrelated to the endometrial cancer), so I had chemo that is hoped to cover any stray cells from both.

A hysterectomy can cause many strange sensations, due to the fact that most of your abdominal organs are moved to some extent.

I had really, really bad gas pains - so bad I talked to my doctor doing follow-up visits for me, and she said it's quite normal, and that I should take a stool softener if they were bad. ]

I don't know if this is the cause of the pain you're feeling, but my pain was always in the right side of my abdomen. When I had a colonoscopy a year and a half after my hysterectomy, that doctor said that I had a narrowing in my intestines that was likely caused by the surgery.

Don't be afraid to describe this pain to your doctor! I'm sure they've heard of it before, and can advise the best relief for you.

Good luck, and keep a list of questions to ask your doctor. I couldn't depend on my memory from visit to visit, and took to heart the old proverb "The palest ink is better than the best memory!"

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Thank you for your response. Concerning the appendix,I felt relieved. I have made a list of things for doctor to review with me. The appointment is on Nov 23.
Wow. It took me this long to find out how to reply. Now I trying to send my response and I can't figure it out. Let me try this.

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i had a hysterectomy on 9/21/4 and not sure about the appendix removal, but, i am having pain moreso on my right side since surgery. i thought that it was just me.

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I was wondering if you've been scheduled for any chemotherapy or radiation. Because I had 1c ovarian cancer along with 1b uterine, the doctors felt that the chemo I had for the ovarian would pick up any stray cells that the uterine cancer might have had. Are you going to have any further treatment?

Also, I wanted to say that I felt little odd things going on until about a year and a half after my surgery - I was convinced that something was wrong in my left side, but the doctors said it was probably from adhesions from the surgery. They're gone now, so I'll accept what they said then now, but it it's a good thing to ask!

I found out a hard and very dangerous way about asking questions before I was diagnosed. My right leg was swollen in the summer of 2002, probably starting in April or May, then through to August. I had many doctor's appointments and tests through the summer, and didn't want to mention my "fat leg", which I felt was just an annoying problem - boy, was I wrong! The "fat leg" was caused by deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and caused a pulmonary embolism (PE) that could have easily traveled to my brain and killing me or causing a stroke. I was fortunate it landed in my lung and caused discomfort. The DVT wasn't painful or obvious, really, and I was having so many other problems that I just didn't want to add to the situation.

Now I know that DVT can be a symptom caused of lower body cancer, because the body produces more clotting agents in response to the cancer (called hypercoagulation). It's scary to me that I didn't discuss it with my family doctor, my ob/gyn, or a couple of specialists I saw that summer while trying to find out why I had mysterious pains and symptoms! Now I'm on a mission of sorts - when I see women with a swollen leg, I ask them if they know exactly what is causing it, and encourage them to find out if they don't.

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Hi Groundeffect,
I am scheduled for radiation therapy this week and my mother is scheduled for a hysterectomy next week. I am trying to be strong for both of us
but I must admit, I think she is doing a better job at that. She does not have cancer. She has the material that converts into cancer and elected a full hysterectomy. This disease runs on both sides of my family, both grandmothers had theirs removed too.

My endocarcinoma cancer was graded 1: Stage 1c. No cancer was found in the cervix, ovaries and the fallopian tubes. Lymph nodes were also negative thank God! Yet I still have to deal with the 1c stage. The cancer was removed, but the cells under the microscope were the aggresive type. I will need external and internal radiation treatment.

Sorry to here about your DVT experience and I am so greatful that you are here guiding me through this process. I also had a close call about fifteen days ago. I went to the emergency room complaining of chest pain. The doctors immediately evaluated me for blood clots. A liquid was administered into my veins (serving as a dye) and an MRI was taken of my chest. No clots were found. I did have a bad reaction to that liquid. I foamed at the mouth and got up regurgitating.

The chest pain was caused by my lungs... asthma related. I was given two treatments and steriod.
This sequence of events did not sound right to me, but when your chest hurts and it may be related to blood clots, you really don't have a choice. I chosed to have the procedure done.

I am currently experiencing leg BONE pain. I have had it for about six days now. It just comes and goes. I thought I might be coming up with the flu, so I have not mentioned it to my doctor, but six days does seem long. I'll call him later. However, if you or anyone you know has had similar pain please respond.

Groundeffect, it is always a pleasure reading your messages, I learn so much and I am less afraid of writing about my experiences and feelings. Lizette aka RoseR.

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Hi Rosa - I just read your last response. I wish the discussions would come to the top of the list as they're answered!

1c is a "good" stage to have, as you've probably been told. It's good that you didn't have clots from the cancer, too!

Fran Drescher mentioned leg pain in her book "Cancer, Schmancer", and said that she had talked to many uterine cancer survivors who said that they had leg pain, also. I hope you've gotten by that, too. I felt many mysterious pains after my surgery, and feel that I'm not experiencing any now that were related to my surgery and chemo. I had pains that felt like a "stitch" in my leg side, some sort of muscular thing. My doctors said that was probably from adhesions, and would go away. It did!

I've been curious about the side effects of radiation. Maybe you could come back to the board and describe any that you experience. I had chemo only, which wasn't too bad other than making my hair fall out and being very tired for a few days after treatments.

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