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astrocytoma brain cancer

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My aunt Rachel is 29 years old and was diagnosed in April of this year. She is now in the forth stage-terminal. The docters say it is inoperable. Please write back if you have had success or good news.

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Hello, my name is Dana and I am a online community specialist with the Cancer Survivors Network. You may want to consider doing a member search through the personal web pages to connect with other brain cancer patients to see what types of experiences they have had. On member webpages you can get an idea of the type of brain cancer they were diagnosed with. I hope this will be helpful in your quest to obtain information. I wish your aunt all the best.

CSN Dana

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hello amelia2, my name is Scott
I was diagnosed with brain cancer astrocytoma awhile ago. I have had success with a few alternative therapies. My tumor has not returned it has been a while. I have been using a rife beam machine,ozone therapy, powerful antioxidants, and if you other supplements. I am on a vegetarian diet which is most important. Because meat is very low in pH, it carries parasites and worms and it has fat that cause cancer. I actually feel better than I've ever felt for a few reasons. I exercise daily taking walks and doing yoga. I also meditate daily. This calms my mind and gives me peace. It helps me see that there is really nothing to worry about. even if I do leave my body I am okay. This is what I experience in my meditation. I experienced that I'm not this material body I am not matter but in fact I am eternal I am a part and parcel of God. It is inevitable I will leave my body eventually whether it's now or in the future 50 years down the road I must prepare. If I am prepared then I will truly be able to live without fear. it all comes down to it, we are afraid to die and for others to die, but there is no fear when I know that I am not this body I'm a part and parcel of God and I'm supremely protected by my best friend,my father. I hope the best for you and for your loved one. Sincerely Scott

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