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Hi all, it's been a few days since I've read the posts. Had a bit of a freak accident. I burned the cornea of my eye with the curling iron (the price we pay for beauty!!). It happened last Wed. and I'm just now starting to see ok. I couldn't drive, go to work, read or go on computer. Talk about boredom! Went to see an opthalmologist and he said I'm not the first woman to do this. No permanent damage, just have a headache for a while.

Well, you all take care. In our prayers always!

Linda (Baltimore)

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Hi Linda,

Wow...sounds like a BIG ouch!!! I'm so glad that it did not do permanent damage. Stay in touch.


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Don't feel too bad, I once burned my forehead and another time I burned my neck and everyone thought it was a hickey! Glad you didn't do permanent damage. Be careful! smile

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Geez Linda, Thanks for the warning...and I thought burnt fingertips and singed hair were the worst that could happen. So glad it didn't cause permanent damage. Judy

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Hi Linda...

You know, there ARE easier ways to get your lashes curled! (just kidding, of course)

In this "high tech" world, it's amazing how much we take for granted (driving, computers, reading!)

Glad to hear nothing was permanently damaged!

Take care,

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