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Little Julie's Cousin

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Hi everyone,

Well unfortunately Julie is not near a computer right now so she asked me (her cousin) to post this message.

On Saturday, my aunt (her mom) was vomiting excessively. Once they realized that it would not stop, they brought her to the hospital on Sunday morning. The doctors determined that my aunt had blockage in her intestines and it is possibly due to scar tissue from her surgery in July.

Today (Monday), she finally was able to pass some stool and hopefully this will continue to occur so that the problem can rectify itself soon.

Does anyone have any experiences to share with us to help us understand what may be going on?

I will be checking the postings frequently and passing them on to Julie so please post your replies:)

Thank you so much!

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I haven't had this problem personally but remember seeing it frequently when I worked as a doctor on surgical wards. It is often related to scar tissue (adhesions) that form after surgery due to the fact they need to handle the bowel so much. It usually passes with conservative management of giving the bowel a rest by putting an NG tube down adn giving fluids iv rather than orally. If it is a recurring problem they have to occassionally go in and operate on teh adhesions but often it occurs jsut once and gets better as time goes by.

Please pass on my best wishes to Julie and her mum- our thoughts are with them

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Littlejulie's Cousin,

Please tell Julie I'm thinking of her and this is just a bump in the road and everything will be fine once we get pass the turn. She knows my phone nunber and I'll be home all day or I 'll call her this evening. Thanks for letting us know about Mary and give my love to Julie.

littlejulie's friend,

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My husband had a similar experience shortly after his radiotherapy treatment ended. He became very bloated, felt nauseous and had to be admitted for blockage. It took a couple of days to resolve but it did and, luckily, has not happened again. It does seem to be quite a common occurrence. Good Luck to Julie's mum.

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Hello -
My mom has this situation after her last surgery - she vomitted for two days and she was fine - after such a surgery you can't eat the way you used to. Did her mom have a large meal that day??

Tell Julie to call me (This is Vanessa) if she wants to chat about it.. Tell her that I am thinking about her.


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Hi, I know what she is going through. I have had 4 small bowel obstructions in the last year. They are not pleasant, but usually get better from bowel rest. I have alot of damage from radiation. she will feel better soon. I will pray for her.

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I have had many episodes of terrible belly pain. Last week I did have excessive vomiting. My doctor thinks it could be residue from radiation and chemo or possible a small blockage. Xrays never show a blockage though. Anyway, I take pain killers and manage to stay at home until it passes. It usually does go away within 24 hours. But waiting is no picnic. It is sometimes excruciating. I do everything I can to stay out of the hospital. But I guess if it gets that bad I have no choice. I did have to go at one time and wound up staying 2 weeks. And still had the pain when I came home. Anyway, they say in time these things will pass.

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Yes, following my colon resection, I had to be hospitalized twice due to excessive vomiting and not being able even to keep down a sip of water. I had the NG tube and it resolved itself after several days of rests. My surgeon said that it is not that uncommon following surgery. If your aunt is taking any kind of pain medication, this will cause constipation and then blockages can occur. My doctors always advice a stool softener with any kind of pain pills.

I hope this finds your aunt feeling better because I was my sickest because of the blockages.

Take care,


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