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Taking one day at a time

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Hello everyone, I have getting stronger with each day appetite getting better. I have less pain. Got my staples out Friday the 29th. Doctor said I can see the Oncologist in about 2 weeks. I was blessed by God and your prayers. I had a large Cancer about 10cm on the outside of my liver when they went in and did the liver resection. Dr. said I was lucky it was on the outside and not on the inside of my liver. My wound is healing nicely even though it is a large cut. I am preparing for chemo hope everything goes well. Last Chemo in 2001 was tolerated well for the colon cancer. Still have to get a port in and discuss when they will do the reversal of my colostomy that I was scheduled to get in Sept. until they found the mass on my liver. Staying positive, greatful alive and livin. Sometimes I amaze myself how strong Iam, I know God is good cause Iam still here. Thank God. Montiel

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One of teh greatest things about having this cancer is learning how much personal resource we truly do have. Realising that we can endure all these things and still find something in life to enjoy is an incredibly precious thing. So many people go through life never really stretching themselves and miss out on so much believing it is beyond them. When i finish with all the palava of treatments etc I will know how much more I can take than I thought before and will never again be daunted by things put before me. For this I am grateful to have had this bloody cancer (although in balance I would choose to do without it of course).

Keep up the good battle and keep living up to you name, livin'


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Hello Montiel,
I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well. I know you have a lot to go through. I can see you have the a good attitude and strong Faith.I can appreciate where you are now, I had a liver resection also, I am not going to bore you with my story but I do have a webpage, if you care to read it.I read a lot more than I respond.I wish you well, Keep the Faith.

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Montiel -

You ROCK! You are an inspiration to everyone. Keep on livin' up to your nom d' plume!

- SpongeBob

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You sound very strong. You certainly have been through alot. Keep up the good fight. I will pray for you.

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I am in awe of you. I thought I was strong until I see what you do. Keep on keeping on. You are a true inspiration to me and I will be forever grateful for what you have taught me!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hi Monteil,
What good news to hear that you are doing well and feeling well; you are amazing! I always felt so much better after surgery once the staples came out...it seemed like really concrete evidence that things are getting better, no matter how I felt at the time!
One of the things that keeps me coming back to this site is the strength that I draw from hearing what others have been able to manage. It really is an inspiration, and I never cease to be in awe of the human spirit. Thank you for sharing the good news about your recuperation, and I'm sure your spirit will carry you through the chemo again.
Wishing you continued strength; you are in my prayers. Regards, Judy

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Montiel, I'd definitely say that you are most assuredly living up to your name, livin....don't stop. And you are right, even with this blasted disease, there are small miracles...being outside of the liver.

You will beat this is and keep right on "livin."


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