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scared out of my mind

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I was just diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma about 2 months ago and now on Monday I am starting my chemo treatments. I am so scared and confused and I cant talk to my mom or sister b/c they dont understand. I need some help dealing with all this.

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Hey dani... I think most cancer survivors go through this. Firts will u come to the toung cancer survivors chat on the 4th at 10 pm eastern time so u can chat with all of us. second, it is hard when ur diagnosed and first going through any treatment. I had problems talking to my family too. I found a friend that wanted to know about it all and that helped. Just talking about it all even if u think they dont understand because they dont know what to ask so I realized it was up to me to tell my friend every single thing on my mind. I did not have chemo but within a week and a half of being diagnosed... I was in the hospital having major surgery. when I found this site it helped alot when I started going in the chat. we are here to help and support eachother. So I would like to talk to u in the chat sometime! or u may e-mail me on the site.... Hugs!


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I finished chemotherapy for Hodgkins back in March. Please email me at this site if you have any questions or I could even call you and let you know what to expect or if you just need someone to understand. I know how scary it is. Also please remember that they just tell you all the side effects at first; it doesnt mean you will have them all.


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I am so sorry you are very scared. But its normal. During the waiting it is so easy for our minds to get ahead of us and make us crazy! I have been there. Just remember, there are great medicines to treat the symptoms. Also, Kristin is right. Come to chat. You will find a lot of support there. Talk to you later. God bless.

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Dani, please understand they have GREAT drugs that help with nausea if that's a concern. It's an injection that is "pushed" into the IV plenty of time to prevent the nausea, and it lasts pretty much all weekend for me. (I have my treatments on Friday.) I've never been sick at all. Some foods don't really have a taste at first, but I'm usually eating pretty well in about 3 or 4 days. You just have to literally see what works for ya. Cold lunchmeats did well for me at first. As well as salads....and for some reason macaroni and cheese! Right out of the box! I'm sure you know about the fatigue....just plan on resting for a couple of days and you'll be fine. I've had 3 of my 6 treatments so far, and then I'm to have radiation. By the way, I have Hogkins as well. I had a sternotomy to remove my Thymus gland which had one of the tumors on it. I know you've heard this before, but try to stay strong. How many treatments are you having? Billy

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