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hectic few weeks

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Hi Everybody,

I have not logged on for almost two weeks but yesterday i tried to catch up a little on how everyone has been. Well I have good news and not so good news, I will start with the good news...I have been away on a weeks break on the sunshine coast of Queensland down here in oz and I have some wonderful news my boyfriend Steve popped the big question and we are getting married!!!!!

I am sooooooo excited and especially for my dad - he was more happy than ever, telling me he has a great thing to look forward to and fight like hell to make sure he will be here to see his daughter get married...... then the not so good news - 2 days after i got home dad was taken into hospital :(

He went into hospital with really severe pain, his last chemo cycle was 3 weeks ago and he had a very bad 3 weeks, there was maybe one day that he felt half ok, it really knocked him around-big time.

So into hospital he went and the docs said his pain was partly from the chemo side effects but mostly due to constipation. I am amazed and just so concerned that he has been in hospital for 6 days and has not been able to go to the toilet, i cant believe that nothing that he has been given including all the laxatives you can imagine - still nothing. Has anyone experienced this problem???

Aparently there is nothing in my dads large bowel its all up further so an enema wont work. I am so scared there is another blockage somewhere, although he has had xrays twice but nothing has been noticed. Now i dont think he will be able to have his next chemo treatment on thursday because of all this. I hope and pray that today my mum will ring me and say that he finally has been to loo.

What a week this has been, talk about mixed emotions.


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Hello There!!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!! This was just what the father ordered!!! Hang in there!!!! Your Dad has a super special reason to fight!!! He will not let you down!!! Take one day at a time!!!!! Enjoy your GREAT news!!!!!!

Best Wishes!!!


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Hi Belinda,
I don't normally post but read this board every day. My dad is Stage IV and my husband is Stage III. I know what your going through with the emotional ups and downs. Your message hit home because last year my dad was in the hospital for 3 weeks when he couldn't move his bowels. Nothing showed up in his scans either. What really helped him more than anything was drinking fluids and walking--lots of walking. After 2 weeks the dam broke. Your dad will come through. He just needs to hang in there because he has so much to look forward to. Congratulations on your engagement!

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Hiya Belinda--tsk!, tsk!!--bet ya missed us!
I had a similar experience to your dad--and that was after chemo too--but plenty of water and a bit of light excercise had me sittin on tha loo for quite a spell--in a hurry too. Jen and I hope he "shifts" something soon.
CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement Belinda!!!!!!!
Tell dad he has impending grandkids in the future!!!Now that would give him a real boost!
(aw--ok--didn't mean to infer anything sweetie)
Give your dad a hugg from Jen and all tha best from kanga.
Btw--we just had 37.4 degrees today here in south oz!
luv kanga n Jen

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Ahoy, Belinda -

Congratulations on your engagement. Wishing you and Steve many happy, prosperous years.

As for your dad, I'll join all my semi-colon buddies and say hang in there with your dad and see if he isn't home soon. I agree that walking is a great way to move things along.

Be well.

- SpongeBob

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Hi Belinda,

Congratulations on your engagement. Lots of reason for your Dad to fight this disease.

You and your family will be in my prayers and in my thoughts. These can be stressful times, but hang in there.



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Belinda, that is such wonderful news! Good luck to both of you. Your dad must be beaming. He is in our prayers.

Linda (Baltimore)

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