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Hi to all. I've not posted before but do read the forum. I was diagnosed Dec. 31st (what a great way to spend New Year's Eve) with Stage 3C and what a surprise. I have been an oncology nurse manager for 25 years and oncology ceritfied since '87. As a nursing professional always figured I was invincible so was a shock. Good thing is that my nurses are super people andI can work all day and get chemo from them. I have had lots of chemo surprises and hospitalizations for side effects, infections etc. but hopefully will be off it one of these days. Currently on FOLFOx and like many has knocked me down. Positive thinking helps as does this forum.Always figured my cancer patients were the bravest people in the world and trying to live up to those expectations helps. Many thanks. JeanL

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Hi Jean,
Welcome from another nurse, early stage III, with my surgery in Dec. Finished chemo in July and have my scans scheduled for October. Sorry you have to be here, but welcome. The nurses at my oncs office were truly angels, always having the time and caring to listen and respond to anything I raised. They made it possible to get through the 6 months of chemo. I work in dementia care, which is also in my family....my poor kids are bemoaning their genetic loading!
Hope you feel better, Judy

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Welcome Jean and thank you for sharing your story. Please keep us posted on your progress and yes, chemo will end one day and you will be cancer free!!!! :-D


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Welcome Jean, You are not alone. I am a nurse also over half my young life-smile. Thanks for sharing your story. Keep the faith and stay positive. Livin

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Hiya Jean from OZ. Nice to see you here, although coulda met under better circumstances. Great guys n gals here to support you. Don't be afraid to ask questions--no matter how trivial.
Our clinic nurses here in Australia rate as angels as well. Look after yourself--lotsa love coming to you from over tha briny.
kanga n Jen

Oh, yeah--yah gotta be able to put up with me slang Jean--lol

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Hi JeanL, Nice to 'meet' you -- sorry it is here. I was diagnosed Dec 26 ("Boxing Day") 2002, so I share some 'bitter sweet' Xmas/New Year associations with you! I was Stage 3 rectal ca. I had chemoradition then surgery then chemo -- now enjoying "all clear" tests, and counting months/years as a survivor. My chemo nurse, Jacqueline, was my angel. Mind you, now that I've been '"touched" by cancer, it's amazing how many angels I meet. I wish you all the best with the folfox. Be kind to yourself. Sending best wishes your way.

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