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Hi, Linda -

Hope everything went well (or as well as could be expected) today. just want you to know you were in my thoughts and prayers.

OK - time to focus on getting well now. Drop a note when you can. Vent when you want. Feel good about yourself ALWAYS.

Strength & peace

- SpongeBob

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Hi Linda,
I've also been thinking about you a lot since your last post. You must be a strong person to have gotten through this stuff thus far. It may sound corny, but a book I read defined hope as "knowing that you can handle what lies ahead."
Wishing you renewed hope; let us know how you're doing.
Regards, Judy

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Dear Linda,

I, too, thought about you all day on Friday. I can't imagine having to deal with a divorce while undergoing treatment.

I pray that everything went your way at the hearing.



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