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complications of total thyroidectomy

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I am still awaiting my surgery for a total thyroidectomy in the next couple of weeks and my mind has unfortunately been working overtime. I am most afraid of damage to my vocal cords and the possible need for a tracheotomy. Does anyone know that statistics regarding these type of complications with a total thyroidectomy?
Thank you,
Jeannette Laframboise

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Hi Jeannette, unfortunately I do not know the official statistics regarding those complications, but I can try to be a positive voice for you. I had a total thyroidectomy last year, I too was made aware of the loss of my vocal cords and lost many nights sleep because of it. Belive me when I came out of surgery that is the first thing I tested was my voice. I can't say it couldn't happen but I can say I am one person who went through the same thing and I am still a very "chatty-cathy". I hope this helps a little, you can email me if you'd like o1championr1@comcast.net, it feels good to be able to talk about it with others who have endured the same. I only wish I would have known about this site prior to my surgery & treatments. Good luck, Krista

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Hi!! I had my thyroidectomy 16yrs ago.And after my surgery my voice was raspy but my voice is back.and I know another patient from this sight that after his surgery his voice was like mine in the beginig but now his voice is back. To me the most important thing was that the dr got rid of my cancer. And to this day I've had 3 treatments but I am fine. I am going to be 35yrs old. If u would like more info u can right back. Good luck and try not to loose sleep over that. Take care

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Hi, my name is Butch, and I had a total thyroidectomy also. I had a very young inexperienced surgeon and did have some problems afterward! I couldn't speak above a whisper for about 3 months!!! But it did slowly return to me, and I've recently been told that there is a way to repair damaged vocal chords...As long as you have a good surgeon you'll be fine. And if you do wake up unable to talk, don't panic it will more than likely come back to you on it's own. It'll all be fine try to relax.

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Hey! I did not have total thyroidetomy, but i did have my entire thyroid removed by the half in 2 different surgeries. I have an excellant surgent, but after the first surgrey I lost my voice for almost a month and half. After the second surgrey, I had no problems at all. I have more complications with my medication now than the surgrey itself. Just remember to keep your head up, and rely on God to get you through, that's the only way I made it. Good Luck and may God Bless in many ways.

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I don't know the statistics, but as a nurse I can tell you that they have to warn you about the slightest chance of ANYTHING. I just had my total thyroidectomy and really worried about it, they said my tumor was fairly large too, But I am fine. I really don't think the numbers are high, but it's just a risk they have to inform you of. Rest easy. Everyone I've talked to that has had the surgery is fine.

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I just had mine removed in august and had no complications with two seperate surgeries. My tumor was the biggest the surgeon had ever seen. With that said I think it has a lot to do with the surgeon. But everyone else is right, no matter how insegnificant the surgeon is required by law to inform you of all possible complications. Good luck.

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