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Off I go!!!!

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Hey everyone, Well, I'm going to take my first little time away from home this weekend!!! A vacation at last!!!!!! My daughter and I are going to Amish Country. She's never been. I've been twice and loved it. I'm excited but I'm also nervous. My daughter said not to worry that she would take care of me and if I had problems we would find a hospital. I just don't want to spoil the trip for her. Everyone please say a little prayer that we will have a good trip and have a great time and I will stay ok. We are leaving Friday after my doctor's appt. and coming back Sunday. So......keep us in your prayers. Thanks. I'll let you know how things went when I come back, May even have some pictures to share. Love you all and you all stay healthy while I'm gone. I love you all.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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you enjoy your trip. and leave your worries at home where they belong. you will be prayed for. you have fun fun fun. i cant wait to take a vaca somewhere too when my nightmare ends. take care God be with you


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Judy, been there myself and absolutely loved it. It's so beautiful. You go an enjoy that beauty this weekend and put this cancer stuff as far from your mind as possible. Live life for the moment and relish this time with your daughter. Trust me, as caregiver to my mother as well as Bert, you won't ruin a thing for her...in fact, she is probably looking forward to spending this time with you very, very much. Go and have fun.


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Judy--you deserve a holiday after all you have endured. We went away for 4 weeks after my chemo finished and loved every minute of it. It gave us both a chance to reflect on the wonderfull things we all take for granted until we discover how short our time could be in this world. Enjoy and leave your worries behind. Do things at your pace and take the time to "very closely" look at the things that surround you!
luv n huggs kanga n Jen

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Have a wondeful time Judy, I hope you relax and enjoy the trip, dont worry about your daughter, you couldnt possibly spoil her trip. I think just for you both to go away together is lovely.

Have Fun

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Have a fabulous time Judy! You go on and enjoy it... You certainly deserve it!

Lots of love,

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Glad to hear you are going on a well deserved mini vacation. Have a great time. Montiel

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Go for it Grandma!!! Have a great time and enjoy yourself and your daughter. Great weather awaits you!!


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hi judy,
go and have a great time, you deserve it
i went on a cruise in july and had a great time
with my family.
fedester all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm sure your daughter will love having you go

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Have a great trip, Judy. Watch out for those sooped-up buggies - they're deceptively slow - they are actually turbo-charged - just ask BSRULES.

Is that PA amish country, OH Amish country or IN Amish country?

- SpongeBob

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Hey SpongeBob, It's Ohio Amish. I live in West Virginia , so it's not too far away. I think about a 2 hr drive. I am so excited. I was in the emergency room with the cathether problems again night before last. seems its every week. So....I hope things work right while I'm away. Talk to you soon.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Have a great time on a well-deserved vacation! Your daughter sounds like a gem - and I know both of you will have a wonderful time. Take care and we hope to see lots of pictures.


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