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Bartholin Gland Carcinoma / Vulvar cancer

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Hi. I was just diagnosed two weeks ago with Bartholin Gland Carcinoma/Vulvar Cancer after having a lesion removed. I am going in for surgery this Friday, Sept.24th to have the remainder of the lesion removed, the Bartholin Gland, and the lymph nodes on that side as well. I am scared to death of the pain, outcome, continued problems, and reoccurance. I would love some supportive feedback and/or comments.

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Hello! I'm new on this site. I want to let you know that I am a 5 year and 7 month vulvar cancer survivor. The first year was the hardest...I had three surgeries, complications, biopsies and so on. The first surgery was so intense that I couldn't even walk for ten days. The surgery was supposed to take thirty minutes but ended up taking 2 1/2 hours. The cancer had spread pretty deep and it took a while to get clean margins. I was rebuilt you might say. Weeks after the surgery my bladder started spasming. I was treated and went on with my life. Exactly, 3 months after my first surgery, I had another tumor grow in my vulvar area. It had to be removed. In 3 months, yet another tumor grew and it had to be removed. Since the last tumor removal I have been doing great. I have survived cancer for more than 5 years. I believe that my renewed faith in God was critical to my well being. My thoughts have been with you since I first read your message...I remember when I kept hearing all those bad reports. You can and will get through this. I am still married, still have 8 children, and awaiting the birth of my 14th grandchild.(a girl) I am 45 years old. I am a cancer survivor. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hi Colleen -

First, let me say I have not been diagnosed with any cancer. I am humbled reading these posts from the scared as well as the brave women who have the disease and those that have survived. Bless you all.

I am seeking information on Bartholin Gland removal. I've had a chronic cyst problem with one of those glands and have had 2 doctors recommend removal. Seems pretty drastic but the cyst has to be drained every 2-3 months not to mention being uncomfortable most of the time.

How was your recovery from the surgery? I realize you had much more done than I'm in line for but would like to hear about your experience.

Thank you -

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Hi. I just got my diagnosis yesterday. I don't yet have a date for anything.... suppose to get that tomorrow. I don't know what to be afraid of or even what questions to ask. I don't even know if I'm suppose to be afraid. Holy smokes.....

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Just saw your post and realized how new it is.I hope you are doing ok.It's such a shock to get a diagnosis of cancer.I was very overwhelmed at first and then settled down a bit.I am now 8 weeks post surgery(partial vulvectomy).In 6 hours I have my first radiation treatment and I am nervous.I guess what I have found the most helpful is research.I google everything I can think of and there is alot of info on this site.Where do you live?I'm from Canada and have been so lucky to have wonderful Doctors.Please let me know how you are doing.I care.

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It's hard not to be afraid of the unknown. I don't know why but I had no fear of the cancer I was going to battle. My Bartholin Gland cancer was discovered last year. I was sick for a while and mine started with a growth. I left it a bit long not even thinking it was cancer.

I had the Bartholin Gland removed last December (2010) then in Feb 2011 they removed the lymph nodes - both sides. In May 2011 they went back to the original spot as they said there were still cancer cells there - the lymph nodes were clear. Started radiation in July which finished on 2 August. Had severe side effects and still have pain. It is still uncomfortable in that area. They were going to do a radical vulvectomy but didn't but I had a very long cut from under the outer lip of the vagina right to the anus. There were tumours growing towards the anus. I still feel nauseous and still get headaches. They tell me there is no way of telling if the cancer is gone.I just wish I knew. I had my first check up in September and my next is January 2012.

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