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Yall are such sweethearts!

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I just wanted to thank you all for your sweet messages! You really all have a way of bringing up my spirits! Been feeling shitty (no pun intended) from FOLFORI this week and was disappointed that my surgeon said he'll do the surgery in 5 weeks (something about life-threatening pneumonia if we do it sooner... all doctors are such catasrophisers!). Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and I wish you all a happy and healthy week-end!

Lots of love,

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You are such a fighter... the surgery is only put off a couple of weeks. Think healing thoughts! Hope you recovery quickly from the chemo, and feel fabulous in the meantime.

Keep us posted. Maybe you could talk to Lance Armstrong about getting some Avastin; or start selling your own bracelets. His are quite a hit and big money maker.

Smile often. lots of love (LOL) back to you, jana

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Hey Andrea. Remember that FEAR stands for Forgetting that Everything is All Right. Bud

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Hi Andrea. This board is great for getting some uplifting smiles.

Like Jana said, the surgery is only put off a couple of weeks. Better to be safe about it and do it right the first time, than have problems.

I hear you on the chemo. It definately sucks!! Each treatment I get, I wonder how I can go back again. (I'm convinced that's why they wait 2 weeks between treatments. So youstart to feel normal again and begin to forget how lousy you felt when you got the treatment)

Stay strong. Live Strong. Laugh hard, often and till it hurts!!

You are added to my prayers, Andrea.


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