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Please read I am desperate for feedback

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I have been ill for approximately a year. I had Hodgkin's disease 17 years ago and due to the radiation treatment I have developed thyroid cancer. (3 tumors on right lobe, one on left. I am booked for a total thyroidectomy in 2 weeks. I have many hypothyroid symptoms despite normal thyroid blood tests. One of my major problems has been severe "migraine type" headaches complete with terrible debilitating auras. I have never had headaches prior to approximately 8 months ago when they began. One of the doctors I saw felt that the tumors were causing pressure on a vessel in my neck and perhaps that was the causing the problem, which brings me to the point. I saw my family doctor yesterday for help with the pain, (percocet and demerol were not working). He denied me pain medication and stated that it was probably stress and that I should try psychotherapy, or perhaps massage therapy or accupuncture. I was shocked and speechless. Prior to this dreadful pain in my head, I have never even had a bottle of tylenol in the house, never took any sort of medication and here I was desperate for help with this pain and am basically told it is stress. Please if anyone else has had this problem with severe headaches or migraines related to the thyroid tumors please let me know. I would truly appreciate any feedback.
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Hi Jeannette! I have been a thyroid cancer patient for 16yrs and I never felt those symtoms that you have right now. I'm sorry I can't help you but I would get another opinion.What if it is something else? I don't want to scare you,but what if after your surgery you still have bad headaches? I would go see another dr. I hope you find your answer.and if you want to write to me you can at
God bless and good luck

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Hi Jeannette, I am also a thyroid cancer patient! I have been fighting it for 5yrs. and never had headaches like that!I can understand your family DR. not wanting to give you anything because sometimes they don't want to step on the toes of your specialist!! Are you seeing an oncologist or an endochronologist,I hope you're seeing an endo. If i were you I would consider a second opinion, sounds to me like they're guessing instead of checking!!! Good luck!
If you would like to talk you can e-mail me at mdolphin13@alltel.net

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Hi Jeanette. How are you? I as well do not mean to worry you, but you need to determine the root cause of the headache. Giving you a pain killer isn't the answer. You should request a CAT scan or an MRI of your head. If your doctor does not agree with this, see another doctor. You need to be persistent, after all it is your life not his/hers. Good luck, keep us posted.

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Hello Jeanette,
My boyfriend has been recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He too has been suffering with horrible headaches. He has been having problems transposing numbers and letters as well as blurred vision. When I called his endocrinologist with all these symptoms, his nurse informed me I needed to contact Frank's primary MD as this was not related to the thyroid. I am a nurse practitioner in a Hematology/Oncology clinic and if any of our patients complain of a headache, when they haven't had a history of headaches, we recommend MRI or CT, if they have any of the other symptoms listed, they get an MRI or CT!! I agree that you need to push the issue, because as someone else stated, that MD is not living with the headache or the worry, they probably haven't had cancer and cannot understand the fears of the cancer patient. You are always able to seek a second opinion and if you feel you are not being "heard" you should probably seek one:) I hope this helps some. I will advise Frank to write a posting about his own experience with these headaches. Good luck, hope you feel well soon. Tracey

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