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thyroid cancer doctors in Houston

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Hi, I am moving to Houston. I had thyroid cancer three years ago. After three surgeries, my whole thyroid and some lymph nodes on my neck were removed. I am iodine resistent so recently I did a PET scan, it shows I have recurrence on both sides of my neck. Does anybody know a good surgen and a good endocrinologist for thyroid cancer in Houston, Texas?

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Hi Jan,I have been a cancer patient now for 16yrs.I do not know any doctors in Houston,but the only thing I can tell u is make sure you have all your medical papers with you,if there is something you can't get from the hospital I'm sure that from Houston they can send for the copies.All I can tell you is that as soon as you get over there start looking for a endo and from there you will choose if you like the dr. You need a dr. Good luck, God Bless and take care.
If you want to talk you can email me at caburtonpr@yahoo.com or at this sight

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The M.D. Anderson Center in Houston is one of the greatest facilities for treating cancer in the entire world....checking there may be a good start.

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