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Getting VC a second time

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How many ladies have had a second bout of vulvar cancer? This is my biggest concern. My cancer is stage 3 and I am terrified that I will get cancer again. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Sharon [cancersux]

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Hi Sharon
You have My Sympathy. I was diagnosed with Vulva in July 2004. I had radical surgery on Sept 13th including removal of the lymph nodes on both sides. About 7 hrs after removal of the drainage tubes I had a massive hemmorage out of one of the drainage holes. After the bleeding was controlled it became a massive Hematoma. On Nov 7th I had a break thru hole in the groin incision where they had removed the right lymph nodes. I am still getting seepage. My Dr just shakes his head. He doesn't know where the seepage is coming from: the Hematoma or a Broken Blood Vessel. I am horribly depressed. My whole life changed the day I was diagnosed...
Let me hear from you...

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Hi mariejoyce, I am interested to know how much drainage from the surgical drain after the groin disection. I had a vulvectomy and left groin disection and have had an average of 450 CC's a day draining. the doctor says thios is ok but the nurse said she had never seen that much drainage.I will have to wait two more weeks to have the drain removed, that will be a month. how long did you need the drain in. I am worried because it had clogged at one point and was leaking and I could not walk because the pain was so bad. I'm scared what will happen once the drain is out

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I've had recurrences 4 or 5 times. I keep going after each one. I currently am concerned that it may be making an appearance again...I see the gynonc on Wednesday.

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I'll be thinking about you on Wednesday and will keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope the appt goes well.

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