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problems with synthroid

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hi. i had a total thyroidectomy two weeks ago and was started on synthroid 125mcgs the next day. since then, i've had all sorts of problems ranging from chills to feeling feverish to having muscle aches in my arms and legs. just recently i started getting pretty short of breath (3 days ago) too. has anyone had these symptoms?! and if so, do they indicate that i should be getting off synthroid and on something else. i'm meeting my doctor tomorrow to discuss this but it would be helpful to learn if others have experienced similar problems on this medication. thanks a lot!

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Hi my name is Cherrie and I'm a patient since 1989 and I was diagnosed with papillary cancer and I also had lots of of muscle pains and I told my dr and he put me on calcium vitamins. I hope everything went well with the dr. If you like to keep in touch you can.Take Care,

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Hi, I've never had any of those problems with my synthroid....I'm on 200mcg. I had an irregular heartbeat, and got the shakes real bad in my hands, They had to put me on enderal to even me out!! I've recently seen a meds. management specialist who told me it's not uncommon to have reactions to your synthroid....Hang in there, they'll get you straightened out!!
If you would like to talk you can e-mail me at mdolphin13@alltel.net...peytonsdad

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I also had these symptoms...for a long time! The shortness of breath was the worst. My doctor switched me to Armour thyroid, and I feel so much better. there are other treatment options out there. Hope you find one that works for you!

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I had nothing but problems w/ synthroid. As in, it didn't work. I was always freezing! That has continued so I'm not sure if it was due to the synthroid or not. I was always cranky and extremely iriatable. I would get horrible headaches and my heard would beat really fast. I was always tired and forgetful. It seemed like I was in a daze. This all changed when I went o Levoxyl. I've talked to a few women that have had the same issues.

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