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Sweet Tooth??

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Hi all, hope everyone is enjoying whats left of summer. Quick question, does anyone have intense cravings for sweets while on chemo? Scott has been munching out on chocolates, ice cream, etc. He has never been much of a sweets eater in the past. He came home last night with chocolate donuts, chocolate cupcakes and Ho-Ho's (mind you I'm not complaining, just growing in the wrong places). This is unusual for him.

Anyone out there having these cravings?



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Hi Linda,

I can't help you with the cravings but I can tell you to pass along to Scott that cancer feeds on sugar and if he is trying to get rid of his cancer he may want to get rid of the donuts, cupcakes, and Ho-Hos. The point is to starve the cancer and feed yourself with high quality live foods that have food value. I hope he will take this seriously and not give those dang little buggers any more Ho-Hos to party on!

peace, emily

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Are the only meds he's taking chemo? After surgery during treatment I was put on Remarin, it's an anti depressant. It gave me cravings for sweets like crazy. I gained 45+ lbs. I needed them, but it was very strange. My doctors never mentioned sugar feeding the cancer. The nutritionist just kept pushing calories because I was so very underweight. After I gained, I didn't need the remarin and have lost almost 30 lbs again. The cravings went with the Remarin. I have to force myself to eat most of the time. I was never that way before. I used to love eating more than almost anything. Now I only eat when it's "really good." I am trying so hard to follow 2bhealed's advice about no sugar, no dairy. But every morning I put 2 teaspoons in my tea and think "maybe tomorrow." I quit most dairy a long time ago. I splurge once in a while, but I love drinks with sugar (Cokes, sweet tea.) Anyway Btrcup, I'll bet his cravings are temporary.

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Hello cindybob/Btrcup,

Here is a good article on this subject:

Note: Stevia extract does not affect glycemic levels

Here is another site:

that I don't like as much but at least has info on this too. (note: you can look at 3 free articles on the site, then you must subscribe)

(spouse of a colon cancer patient)

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Hi Linda,

Yes, Yes, I craved sweets, breads, anything that I shouldn't during my chemo and gained about 20 lbs. My doctor blames it on the steriods and appetite enhancers that they gave me because at the onset I was losing lots of weight. Also, for me the anti-nausea drugs made me very hungry. Unbelievable I gained weight while having diahrrea and nausea. I say this to your husband what I say to my pregnany friends - enjoy the treats while you can!

Many blessings to you both.


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Hello. Ok, here's my medical opinion. I am a primary care physician, and a cancer patient - stage IV - getting care at MD Anderson. My husband and father are also physicians.

I have never learned, nor did the nutritionist at MDA tell me, to avoid sugar. And yes, I did have weird cravings. I have always been a healthful person - even veggie for a while.

The science of how the body breaks food down, it is all converted to glucose. I haven't researched much with alternative medicines, and respect people who do. BUT - avoiding sugar isn't the absolute answer. If people are having trouble maintaining weight and need calories, Boost is a great way to get calories and nutrition.

Cancer feeds on the same substances the body feeds on. In general, a healthy diet is so beneficial to help people feel good. When you are on chemo, you need to do whatever makes you feel good. I had a nutritionist tell me I had to change my diet to increase my calories the last time I was on chemo because I was loosing weight. I had surgeons tell me to try to get some fat to help my body heal post-op.

I know everyone is trying to help, but there are no absolute answers. Do what feel right. Eat as healthy as you can, and enjoy yourself.

Perhaps I am wrong, but the science of American medicine taught me differently.

Wish all of you the best. jana

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