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Update on Bob

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Hello everyone!! I have been reading all the posts and you guys were right about Bob talking to his friends. It does help him alot. I just wish he would go out to see them sometime to get him away from the house. I really shouldn't complain. He is starting to get rid of his chemo fog finally. I went to work this morning and when I returned he was out in his shed working on his 68 International Scout. He was so happy as he got it running again after it has been sitting for almost 20 years. It was GREAT medicine for me to see him happy and smiling. So all things considering he is hanging in there. He has 1 more treatment to get through then they can take another CT Scan. He is so hoping for good new for a change. I am hoping that this new chemo regiment is finally working. Please keep us in your prayers. I don't know what this will do to him if the news isn't good. He is fighting so hard to beat this things he needs some good news for a change!!! Thank You!!! Best wishes to all of you!!!! Sue

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Ahoy, Sue & Bob!

Hey, Bob, when you get done on that 68 Scout, you wanna come down to Mississippi and help me get a 59 Fairlane revved up? (of course I'll have to buy it first)

Good to hear you're getting back into the tinkering. I go nuts when I don't have something to occupy my hands and my mind - and since there are no lovey-dovey smart gals around, well... you get the idea!

Hang tuff! Don't bust a knuckle.

- SpongeBob

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Hiya Sue---'tis so good ta hear that Bob is in better spirits. In a lot of ways it is hard to talk to mates about personal stuff.Ithink I told yu that I found it pretty hard to do so--but once I explained to them that all I needed was a friend to listen they soon came to tha rescue--mates can be like that!
ERRRRR--When Bob has finished with tha scout and helped B with his fairlane yu reckon he might crawl under me 1928 Austin seven and change me diff. oil??--lol
Jen has me on "light duties" 'til ah have my heart test on monday--it's gettin pretty boring around here--he he
lotsa luv n huggs--kanga n Jen
BTW----take yur greasy boots orf Bob before ya reck tha carpet!!!lol

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Hi Sue....I am glad to hear that Bob is feeling better and getting enjoyment out of life. It's the small miracles that make all the difference, isn't it. Like a smile on your guy's face that hasn't been there in a long, long time. How well we all can relate.

Know that you are in my prayers for good news and please, keep the faith, as difficult as it may be sometimes. I know that I would be lost without it.


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Hey Sue,
So Glad to hear that Bob is up and about doing things he enjoys! It is great when he can make you feel happy just by being happy :) All the best with the last treatment and I'm hoping that the news after the scan is GOOD NEWS!!!

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