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Hi Everyone,
I haven't been here since March when my husband was put on a more aggressive chemo regimen (Avastin + FOLFOX) when the cancer advanced in spite of the first round of chemo after his surgery. A month ago he had his CT scans and this week the oncologist told us the tumors in the mesentary have not grown (maybe have decreased) and his present CEA is at 4. This is extremely heartening news since my guy has been really not feeling well and starting to get discouraged with the fatigue of 1 year of weekly/every-other-week treatments. Due to a rectal irritation (like he almost faints whenever he has a bowel movement) the doctor is giving him a break in the treatment for a month.
One of my original concerns was about my husband taking a leave of absence from his job. He loves not working! But we don't love having no income. We're putting that concern aside now while we fight the good fight and revel in the victory of positive results. I've gone back to read through the lines and you are all in my prayers. Such wonderful, hope-filled people!

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Louise -

So glad to hear your guy is doing better. Regarding the income situation... hang tough - something will turn up. Getting well is much more important. Keeping you guys in my prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Hiya Louise--don't think we have met but nonetheless it is good to hear encouraging news here.We hope that you are able to cope and your hubby can get safely thru the chemo.
Our very best from OZ--kanga n Jen

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