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Great news !

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Hi everyone -

I know it is uplifting to sometimes hear other survivor's check-up results, so I thought I would share -

My mom (diagnosed Jan 03stage III, local recurrence Feb 04) just had her follow-up CAT scan and everything was clear !!! No evidence of disease !

We are very uplifted by this news (and, I am sure as everyone can relate - very relieved that the "waiting" since last weeks CAT scan is over.)

Thanks again for everyones support !

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One more thing...you should do a personal web page. You have a great story to tell. I think the personal web pages are encouraging to the newly diagnosed. I know they helped me when my mom was first diagnosed. Just a thought.

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Wonderful news! I know how it feels when your parent is ill. Like someone reached down inside and pulled out our foundations. Please keep us informed on her progress. I also take care of my father (SCduracell) and my life is so much better knowing he will be around a little longer. Not only is he my father, but also my housemate and best friend! Hope all continues to go well for your mother. Jeanne

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Yes, that is great news. Thanks so much for sharing. We all love and need to hear stories like your mother's!



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Gosh, Bert & I just love these kind of reports. We are thrilled for your mom, you, and rest of family. Enjoy the good days and times ahead and I'm sure there will be many, many more.

Monika & Bert

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Hiya Vanser--great to hear the good news-your mum just aquired a seat next to me in the survivors room--very comfy leather recliner!!!!
b well-b safe--luv n huggs--kanga n Jen

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